Reader letters, May 16

May 15, 2014


New county manager applauded

To the editor:

I am pleased that Ira Dove has been named our new county manager. I had the privilege of working with Ira for nine years when we worked at the Department of Social Services.

I grew to respect his skills and dedication and insight into matters and his friendship.

Tony Beaman


Help bring ‘Mater Fest  back

To the editor:

Everyone is so mad that the ‘Mater Fest is called off this year. Those who want it back next year should go to the Focus meeting and help these people more for next year.

I am 80 years old and can’t anymore. Please join and volunteer.

Hazel  Mease



Thanks for Col. Mundy coverage

To the editor:

My friend Steve Woody gave me a copy of the April 23rd edition of The Mountaineer with your heaert-felt tribute to Gen. Carl E. Mundy, the 30th Commandant of the Marines (“Gen. Mundy: Gone But Not Forgotten”).

While the Washington Post took the occasion of Gen. Mundy’s death to excoriate him for some of his unpopular decisions while in office 20 years ago, you took the high road.

Gen. Mundy was many things to many people — gifted, humble, generous and painfully honest — but all who knew him appreciated his love and affection for Waynesville and Haywood County.

None of the many Marines who traveled to Waynesville for his memorial service will ever forget the kindness and hospitality of the townspeople.

Most of all, they will carry with them the image of hunmdreds of neighbors and friends who stood inthe rain along both sides of the street as the casket was transported from First United Methodist Church to Green Hill Cemetery. Coming home.

Thank you and your staff. Very well done.

Joseph H. Alexander

Colonel, USMC (ret.)