Reader letters, May 2

May 02, 2014

Postal carrier food drive is May 10

To the editor,

Haywood County residents will have the opportunity on Saturday, May 10  to  assist the National Association of Letter Carriers in their 22nd  annual Letter Carriers Postal Food Dive.

To help “Stamp Out Hunger” residents are encouraged to leave canned goods and other non-perishable items by their mailboxes.  Letter carriers will pick up these items during their route and take them to various food distribution centers.

Nationally, over 1,500 National Association of Letter Carriers locals in over 10,000 cities and towns will be collecting food.  Over the past 21 years the Letter Carriers in the United States have collected over 1 billion pounds of food.  In Haywood County  over 40,000 pounds of food was collected in 2013.

Items should be in bags or boxes and should not be put out until the morning of the 10th.  Residents who get their mail at the post office can take their contributions with them to the lobby of the post office that day.

All of the food gathered Saturday will be used to meet the needs of local residents through the food distribution agencies in the county: Haywood Christian Ministry, Salvation Army, Open Door, and Community Kitchen.

Leaders of these service agencies have indicated that they depend on the Postal Food Drive to replenish their shelves for those in need.  Economic conditions have created an even greater need this year.

Thank you for helping “Stamp Out Hunger” in Haywood County.

Kevin Murphy

2014 Chair, Haywood County Postal Food Drive



Basic black in hospitals is ill-concieved

To the editor:

You can’t go wrong with basic black or can you?

For years, fashion has embraced the concept that the color black is the indisputable color to wear to anything. And you thought it was only for funeral wear? With that said, coming soon to a hospital near you, the color code for nurses will be black.

That’s right! In the month of May when gardens will be glowing in a kaleidoscope of color, the uniform for nurses at Mission Hospital will be confined to black, (or the old fashion uniform- white).

One has to wonder why black? What choices were the nurses given? Well the choices were royal blue or black.

Forty-eight percent of the nurses voted for the blue. Fifty-two voted for basic black. Was the decision to go with black due to a greater number of younger nurses who perhaps went through the Goth look in their teens? One wonders!

Can you imagine how dark and gothic the corridors will look at the hospital when all the nurses dress dark? We all know how a black car shows the dirt. Just think of the fuzz, dandruff, and pet hairs that will show up on these uniforms.

This dark garb with matching jackboots would resemble that of S.S. troops in Germany. Worn with black kerchief surrounding the head we see Ninjas.

If we see the male nurses wearing sunglasses, we may wonder if Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are taking care of us there. These are certainly funny things to ponder.

The nuns who used to operate the Saint Joseph’s side of the campus could be wondering when the guys will be required to wear the matching black clergy dickey around their necks. And when will the gals have to don the habit?

Throughout this change in fashion, the thing we need to remember is that deep down beneath the dark garb are the same caring nurses that have always been there regardless of the uniform they sport.

Ron Reese



May election is important

To the editor:

The May 6 primary election is next Tuesday. I implore and encourage the younger voters — especially — to vote for candidates that care about and support education, health care, equal rights, and the environment.

The amount of campaign money for Republican candidates pouring into North Carolina is unprecedented, unfettered and unaccountable.

But, we can counter big money and the Republican’s power structure by voting for candidates that offer positive solutions and alternatives.

OK, young voters, put down the phone, get off your apps, and vote on May 6. If you don’t vote, the Republicans essentially get your support. Is that what you want? Didn’t think so.

Bill Lusto



Group works hard to stop child abuse, neglect

To the editor:

Thank you for the excellent coverage of Kare’s 5K last Saturday.

This race is a benefit for such a great cause in the effort to end child abuse and neglect.

The Waynesville Police Department along with the Civilian Police and all the other volunteers made the race such a success.

The article and pictures were great.  It was a surprise to see myself featured.

Although I’m not classified as a master runner, I do my darndest in all the 5Ks I enter and hope it will inspire other 70 somethings to get out there, get exercise, get fit and lose weight.

Running is not required in any of these events and you always support a great cause.

Reminder, the  next annual KARE 5K event is April 25, 2015.  Let’s see double the number out there next year.

Sarah Sherman