Reader letters, May 5

May 06, 2014

Jesus is the Son of God

To the editor:

There was an annoucement and article in the April 25 edition about Bart Ehrman who would be speaking at Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville.

His topic would be about his book “How Jesus became God.” He speaks of Jesus evolving from Jewish preacher to son of God and ultimately to part of the trinity. He goes on to say that Jesus never actually called himself the son of God.

On these issues, Mr. Ehrman is in error. Jesus did say He was the Son of God. John 9:35-38; John 10:36.

The prophet prophesied of his virgin birth. Isiah 7:14.

The angel told the virgin Mary her child would be called the Son of God. Luke 1:35.

The demons recognized that Jesus was the Son of God. Luke 4:41.

The devils believe and tremble. James 2:19.

The Scriptures warn us that there would be vain talkers in the last days. Don’t be deceived. Jesus is the Son of God, and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time. I believe. Do you believe?

Roy Kilby

Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church


Articles were good

To the editor:

I really liked the articles in the March 12 issue titled “Prayer produced a miracle,” and “Uncle Carroll will be missed.”

I relate to both.

Donna Crusius