Reader letters, Nov. 1

Oct 31, 2013

Call to action

To the editor:

Come on Maggie Valley residents. Can we really allow our town’s policies and future be determined by bar stool politicians with a bar room perspective?

What has happened to the values, ethics, community spirit and kindness that we used to have toward one another?

It is time to take a stand for the town as a whole and not for the individual gain. Do you really believe a town can function without fire and police protection or water and sewer?

When can we start acting as a unified community? Individual agendas are destroying the unity that built this town. It saddens me to see derogatory billboards and campaign rhetoric. How can a town so beautiful have such dissention?

Would you really want to elect or re-elect officials who suggest that police officers curtail ticketing of local restaurant patrons during certain hours? Says a lot for their values, doesn’t it?

You cannot change the way things are, if you don’t vote.

I love my town and the foundation of ethics and principles it was built upon.

Let’s start over Maggie. Let’s rebuild on ethics, values and professionalism.

Nancie Mehaffey

Maggie Valley

Stand up, Christians

To the editor:

People deny God by their actions. The two women at the courthouse steps proclaiming an act not worth telling, not only did wrong, but told children a bad way to live.

Woe is them at the end of time.

We the Christian peoples of Haywood County need to stand against this.

Joe Sam Queen, our voice in Raleigh, would be smart to get a law passed that would matter in these hard times.

Ronald Miller


Price should be re-elected

To the editor:

Maggie Valley is ready to move on to a new day of civility and harmony.

I believe that electing Saralyn Price once again as alderman will help to accomplish this, but with a board that will work together.

Over the last 30 years I have observed Mrs. Price rescue citizens during hurricanes, floods and from fires.

Mrs. Price has also helped find missing children and apprehend murderers. She has efficiently operated a police department safely, responsibly and with good financial policies.

Mrs. Price is native born, a member of Peachtree Methodist Church, adoptive mother of two Broyhill children, also a member of the Maggie Valley Lion’s Club, Haywood County Library Board and Kids Advocacy Resource Effort.

Mrs. Price has been employed at Joey’s Pancake House for several years, a well-established restaurant in Maggie Valley.

She has contributed much to our continued success, helping to design and implement a cash management systewm.

She wrote numerous computer training manuals for coworkers to follow. She is respected by her fellow employees and loved by all customers.

I hope my fellow voters will make the right decision for the future of Maggie Valley.

I know if he were here, the first person holding a sign for Saralyn next Tuesday would be Joey O’Keefe.

Brenda O’Keefe

Maggie Valley