Reader letters, Nov. 13

Nov 12, 2013

Veterans program appreciated

To the editor:

On Nov. 8, we were invited to the Veterans Appreciation Assembly at Waynesville Middle School, as our granddaughter is a student there and her grandfather is a veteran.

When we walked into the gym filled with close to 1,000 young people, all the bleachers were filled, the kids were talking with their friends and the noise was considerable.

As Principal Putnam began the program the room became silent.  No one was talking, no one was acting-out, every one of these 1,000 young people, that we could see, was respectful, courteous and attentive.

The program began with the jazz band performing and featured solos from several members.  The number finished and we were delighted to see students in the bleachers start to stand showing their respect to their fellow students by giving a standing ovation.

The entire band then played a moving medley of the songs representing the five branches of the service.  Each veteran, branch of service, was asked to stand and received thunderous applause from the student body.

After remarks were presented, two members of the band played “Taps” from opposing sides of the gym.It was so moving.

At dismissal the veterans were asked to leave the gym first.  The entire student body rose to their feet and applauded showing their respect as these veterans left.

No one was coaching these young people on what to do.  One by one they all stood, clapping, some with tears in their eyes, they started as individuals, they then  became one.

We had tears in our eyes.  There has been so much disheartening news about our government, representatives, and how the rest of the world views our nation, we wish these young people and this school’s program could have been shared by more. We want to say, “good job WMS” and to everyone else “wish you could have been there.”

Diane, Larry Craig



Beware of sugar daddies

To the editor:

Daddy gives presents to his spoiled voters, worth 1.5 Trillion Dollars more than his annual income of $2.4 trillion. Congress won’t stop this stupidity. Our sugar-daddies want to be our friend. House Republicans won’t chop the Budget 10 percent four years running to balance America’s budget.

Congressmen are “spendaholics.” Since 1960, our world police force recorded 60,000 killed; 60,000 wounded. Naval police chiefs have 19 aircraft carriers, 67 ballistic/attack subs, 19 new ships ordered.

Air Force has 162 bombers, 343 attack aircraft, and 1,700 new fighters planned. We’re spending 10 times more than China; to patrol three areas: Iran. Japan-Formosa and the Malaysian Straights. We have 300,000 military overseas; but you can’t put 50,000 on Mexico’s border to defend our economy’s medium salary jobs.

Labor Bureau statistics reveal civilian, non-farm employment peaked in 2007 at 139.1 million; dropped to 130.8 million in 2009; added 0.7, 1.9, and 2.2 million through 2012. We were still down 3.5 million jobs in 2012. Some 500,000 20 year-olds yearly entered the workplace. Thirty percent of college grads found only part-time jobs. Previously, Free trade experts sacrificed 5 million manufacturing jobs to China.

Don’t worry. Federal Reserve and Treasury Departments have it figured out. Treasury printed $1.6 trillion in funny money to circulate in the economy — oops, it’s still stuck in Wall street banks to cover bad loans and to collateralize purchase of Government paper at 3 percent profit margins. The Federal Reserve is printing $1 trillion funny money notes each year, to entice investors into bidding up stock prices 150 percent. That’s working well? – like the 200 percent rise during the depression. Fed Reserve’s debt is $5 trillion; 80 million jobs are under median income of $30,100 a year, only 47 million over $37,500 a year.

Obama killed 1,500 miles of Canadian pipeline (150,000 miles of lines exist), costing 200,000 jobs; costing $1.40/gallon; sending 300 Billion oil-dollars to Arab States.

Obamacare’s power-grab will raise family insurance $500+/year and incentivize business to reduce 40-hour jobs to 29 hours. Please give 50 state governors Washington’s budget and legislating powers. They’re easier to replace than 500 Sugar-daddy Congressmen.

Jack Ryan