Reader letters Nov. 19

Nov 19, 2012

In defense of signs

To the editor:

The Rockwood United Methodist Church has been having a turkey supper every Thanksgiving for well more than 25 years and every year put signs advertising the supper.

This year, the supper was Saturday, Nov. 10, so the signs were put out Monday, Nov. 4. They were not going to be out but six days.

Tuesday, Nov. 5, the newly elected mayor of Canton told the fire chief to “get those turkey signs down.” A member of Rockwood was notified and the signs were removed.

There has been a town ordinance against signs for years, but it has not been enforced. The mayor decided he would put it into effect. Several churches on the area have been doing this for years. What can it hurt to advertise in the town of Canton for six to eight days each year?

Nickie Williamson


Town is overly generous

To the editor:

The town of Waynesville has budgeted $400,000 to build a skatepark? That is very generous. I like skateboarders but I also like bunny rabbits and wish the town would build a playground for them too.

In times like these, I am thankful for the geniuses who think spending $400K on a pet project will be a solid investment for all the citizens in Waynesville, especially the taxpayers footing the bill.

Robert Coleman



What’s said online

On Maggie’s Galley moving

Too bad that no one seems to be concerned about preserving these historic log structures.  Where is the preservation effort in Haywood County?  Should not the Haywood County Historical & Genealogical Society take a stand to save these cabins?

— Evelyn Coltman

On Ray Rapp

This article defines Ray Rapp and the superb job he has done while in office. He has made more sacrifices of his time, effort and accomplishments than any other politician in NC.  He will be missed and he has set the bar for others to follow. Personally I think it was a drastic mistake to not re-elect this icon.

-—Ron Rookstool


There is not a better gentleman that Ray Rapp, and we are sorry to see his true inclusiveness of everyone’s concerns be outdone by a someone who sends mailers depicting Rapp and Bev Perdue as Halloween caricatures.  That type of negative campaigning in which the opposition is demonized needs to stop.  At least the new Governor, unlike many of those who campaigned and won in his party, seems to be willing to be above such mean-spiritedness.


On negative ads

Thank you for writing this article.  One hopes that future voters will spend a little time verifying claims in the partisan TV ads and mailers before swallowing the distorted information whole.  The little bit of time spent would be invaluable in keeping our democracy strong.

-—Carole Larivee