Reader letters, Nov. 20

Nov 19, 2013

To the editor:

This is about your article about former Maggie Valley alderman candidate Joe Maniscalco being arrested for several felony charges, pleading guilty and having his sentence “suspended unsupervised probation” for 18 months.

This is not even a slap on the wrist, but more of a kiss on the cheek, but is Maniscalco grateful for this?

No, he calls it bologna, defies being told he cannot go to any more town meetings and says he is going to sue the town of Maggie Valley.

Aren’t we glad he was not elected alderman? If it was all bologna, why did he plead guilty?

Why didn’t he fight it and then sue the city if he is so innocent? I am really sick of hearing people complain constantly of the government when they can’t even handle their own small town problems.

I have seen so many of these characters that break laws in this town arrogantly knowing they will get away with it because they are a senior citizen or they know someone that can make the courts go easy on them.

So what if he has a clean record before this. Maybe he was just lucky and never got caught before.

No one arrogantly and knowingly breaks that many laws at 76 years old for the first time and then when he gets away with it is still so defiant in putting the blame on others if he is so innocent.

I have seen so much of this here and it is really disgusting. People from the old school complain that the laws are too soft on criminals except when something happens to them.

Other people’s rights should not be trampled on because the courts here refuse to punish those that break the law even if it is a 76 year old that never got caught before. Only in Maggie…..

Angie Henry

Maggie Valley

Thank you, veterans

To the editor:

On Veterans Day, the Huddle House in Waynesville provided free meals to the following local veterans to thank them for their service.

Anthony Gardner- Army- Ft. Hood, TX

Danny Cribs- Navy

Daniel Coleman- Army- Ft. Bliss, TX

John Coleman- Army

David Shuler- Air Force- England, Guam

Claude Rogers- Army- Vietnam

Mike Daggy- Air Force

Dallas Hodge- Army- Vietnam, Korea, Germany

Paul Kilpatrick- Navy

Greg Ramsey- Army- Germany

James Wyatt- Army- Germany

Leonard Baltzer- Air Force- Italy- WW2

Clifford Payne- Navy- USS Galveston

Lester Mashburn- Army- Germany

Richard Barker- Marines- Hawaii

Billy Sherrill- Army- Europe

Donald Trull- Army- Ft. Bragg, NC

Howard Burnette- Army Engineers- Europe (Battle of the Bulge) POW

James Falkner- Army- Ft. Jackson, SC

Charles Noland Hall- Air Force- Thailand, San Francisco

Ron McHaffey- Army- Vietnam

James Taylor- Marines- Vietnam

Howard Smathers- Marines- Saigon

Dennis Abbott- Army/National Guard- Ft. Bragg, NC, Korea, Ft. Gordon

Wes Haines- Army Ft. Dix

Richard Caldwell- Navy- Puerto Rico, Jacksonville, FL

Dan Turner- Army Special Forces- Vietnam

Terry Caldwell- Navy- Vietnam, Mayport FL

Danny Stiles- Army- Ft. Bragg 82nd Airborne

William Anderson- Army- Laurens, SC

Richard Sobota- Navy, Air Force, Jacksonville, FL

Tillman Moody- Army- Korea

Ricky E. Dillard- Army

Robert Conder- Air Force- England, Godman Field, KY

Phillip Gibbs- Army- Italy, Ft. Gordon

William R. Whitley- Navy- Jacksonville, FL, TX, Iceland

Charles E. Stackpole- Army- Ft. Riley, Kansas

Allan Streiff- Navy- USS Kearsarge

Rebecca Elliott- Army- Ft. Benning, GA

Henry A. Arrants- Army- Panama Canal

Stan Fowler- Navy- Newport, RI

Jim Oliver- Navy/Army

Dale Frady- National Guard, Sylva

Gwen Smith-Cull- Marines- Parris Island, SC

James Singer- Army- Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Scott Allison- Air Force- Moody AFB

Drew Orlikowski- Army- Ft. Bragg

Bob Seiple- Army- Vietnam

Michael Banks- Army- Ft. Bragg, NC

Glen Wyatt- Army- Vietnam, Desert Storm

William Galloway- Air Force- Patrick AFB, FL

Al Roy- Air Force- McChord, WA

D. Robinson- Navy- USS Prevai

Ben Mashburn- Navy- Newport, RI

David Nelson- Air Force- Elmendorf AFB, AK

Joan Taylor- Army- Ft. Sill, OK, Frankfurt Germany, Ft. Leavenworth

Stephan L. Davis- Army- Ft. Carson, CO

Richard C. Gillespie- Air Force, Eielson AFB, AK

Glen Biller- Army- Schofield BKS, Hawaii

Ronald Lee Hyatt- Marines- Cherry Point, NC

Dale Green- Army- Anchorage, Alaska

Steve Davis- Army- Ft. Carson, CO

Ronnie Dixon- Army- Korea

Johnny Plott- Army- Ft. Eustis, VA

Samuel Tucker- Marines/Army- Parris Island, Vietnam, Camp Pendelton

Newton R. Breece- Army- Ft. Jackson, SC

William Metts- Air Force- TX, CO, Australia, WY

Gary R. Wiborn- Marines- Pendleton, Vietnam

Joe Williams- Air Force- S. Vietnam, Tuscon, AZ

Valton Allen- Army- Ft. Bragg, NC

Michael McAteer- Army- France

Terry McKee- Air Force- Vietnam

Lamar Seagraves- Army- Germany

Furman L. Baglen- Army- Japan

Luther Sutton- Army

Bill Creamenn- Navy- Korea, Jacksonville, FL

Rev. Alay Kates Jr. – Army- Europe WW2

Jim Weatherund- Navy- Norfolk, VA

Tim Gray- Navy- Philippines Island

Patrick Choate- Army- Korea, Vietnam

Troy Parris- Army- Ft. Campbell, KY

Jean Waddle

Waynesville Huddle House manager

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Posted by: Allen Alsbrooks | Nov 25, 2013 17:08

Ms. Henry. "Only in Maggie..." Indeed. Just's going to get better.

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