Reader letters, Nov. 30

Nov 29, 2012

Emergency service, law enforcement congratulated

To the editor:

The following letter was sent to firefirefighters, first responders and law enforcement personnel for all those who participated in HCC’s recent fire.

The purpose in my letter is to thank all of you who responded to the recent fire at Haywood Community College.  We often forget the services of firefighters, first responders, and law enforcement personnel until we are in a time of crisis.

While the circumstances were unfortunate ones, I watched in amazement at the skill that all of you displayed as you worked together in minimizing the loss to Haywood Community College.  The competence, proficiency, and expertise that all of you displayed was impressive.  Above all, your spirit of cooperation contributed in a positive way to helping reduce the potential for a more substantial loss to the college.

I hope that Haywood Community College can continue to strengthen its partnership with all safety units throughout the county.  Working together, we can all assist in making Haywood County the pleasant place for which it has become known.

Again, thank you for your professionalism.  The college welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs as well.

William C. Aiken

Interim President

Haywood Community College


Hospital appointments deserved discussion

To the editor:

This is a letter I sent to the Haywood County commissioners and would like to share with your readers.

On Oct. 15, the Haywood County Board of Commissioners approved the reappointment of four Haywood Regional Medical Center board members and the appointment of one new member.

With the absence of any discussion by the commissioners, the public would assume that the commissioners approve of the direction the HRMC Board has given the hospital over the past several years.

Many families who have been effected by the downward turn of HRMC would not agree with your assessment.  You may not agree that there has been a downward turn of the hospital.

Because HRMC is so vital to the economy and  quality of life of the residents of Haywood County, it is disappointing to see the lack of time devoted to discuss the appointments to such an important position.

As you will recall, there was no discussion.  There was another item of the agenda of the Oct. 15  meeting that received considerable discussion.

Commissioner Kirkpatrick spoke for several minutes concerning his research of the renaming of the road in Maggie Valley.  It would have been appropriate for the commissioners to have given the same or greater consideration to the appointment of individuals that will direct the county’s most important health facility.

The appointment of individuals to various committees and boards is one of the most important functions of the county commission.  These appointments should be made in a public meeting with discussion about the proposed appointees and what value they can add to the respective organizations.

If the commissioners had had open and honest discussion about the appointments to the HRMC board and the outcome remained the same, the public still would have benefited from the process.

It is my intent for you to receive my comments as respectful.  They are addressed to a process and not to any individual.  Having worked in an environment where all decisions were made in the public, the process does work to the betterment of all.

Cecil Bennett



Prescription drug talk was illuminating

To the editor:

This afternoon I had the opportunity to hear Waynesville Police Chief Bill Hollingsed present “Drugs In Our Midst.”

Chief Hollingsed’s eye opening discussion addressing the present dangers of prescription drugs needs to be heard by every member of our community.

It was inspiring to learn from this man who is obviously passionate about saving lives and educating the public concerning the devastating abuse of these drugs.

These free seminars reveal what we are up against in western NC & in our country with the rampant distribution of prescription drugs all around us.

I was shocked to learn that one in four investigated deaths in our county are due to prescription drug overdose!  You know those old pills you have been keeping in your medicine cabinet? Get rid of them, but not by flushing down the toilet.

Contact your local police department to find your nearest prescription drop box location.

Prescription drug danger has turned into an epidemic & learning more can help our community and save lives…maybe even a loved one.

If more people took it upon themselves to sincerely place others’ needs before their own like Chief Hollingsed does…our world truly would be a better place.  He has nothing to gain from these talks outside of educating others and saving lives. Thank you Chief for caring about Haywood County.

Heather Mina


A good rehab

To the editor,

I recently spent some time at the Maggie Valley Nursing and Rehab after hip replacement surgery. I would like to sing their praises to the public. If you or anyone you know needs nursing or rehabilitation of any kind, this it the place to be.

The building itself is very comforting and decorated so very nice. The administration is very helpful and kind. The staff is very efficient and does everything possible to make you comfortable. The kitchen is well run and the food is very nutritious and appetizing. The housekeeping department keeps our rooms and the building very clean and smelling good.

The residents are a big happy family. As much as I love my home, it saddened me to leave my friends and staff.

If you are looking for a good place to go for therapy, which is excellent, or need good nursing care, please consider Maggie Valley Nursing and Rehab.

Thanks to everyone for making my stay such a pleasant affair.

Patsy Bradley

Maggie Valley