Reader letters Oct. 14

Oct 12, 2016

Jim Davis, corporate lapdog

To the editor:

From my mailbox recently I pulled a large political mailer from State Sen. Jim Davis attacking Jane Hipps and touting his NRA credentials, and I thought to myself, "what is this guy talking about and who is it, exactly, does he work for?"

First, no one elected to the N.C. General Assembly has power to affect the second Amendment. That's federal. Second, the 50th senate district represents seven counties in North Carolina that are generally poor, in need of help with schools, keeping water clean and creating jobs.

If Jim Davis thinks the NRA, a powerful corporate entity, will help our small little corner of the state with education, clean water and jobs, then great. But that's not going to happen.

Jim Davis is the dishonest politician here. He's opened the door to fracking in our  state, imposed new taxes on things people need (including ammo) and has positioned himself as the lapdog of corporate special interest.

He doesn’t know, nor does he care about, the families of Western North Carolina. And he is either confused about who he works for, or worse, knows exactly who he works for and isn't saying.

Dan Headrick


Stop fracking in its tracks

To the editor,

As we face a drought, Rep. Michele Presnell not only vigorously supports fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in North Carolina, she instructs her aides to give callers a speech about the safety and benefits of fracking when they call her office.

I called on another matter, and was told about how great fracking would be. Presnell voted yes for SB 786, to fast-track fracking, a bill which also extended big government, pre-empting local ordinances that would let communities make critical decisions about water.

Fracking isn’t safe. Operations in other states have contaminated groundwater, according to findings from Duke University, and have also caused adverse health impacts.

Water is vital to our national security, and to our lives. Michele Presnell is ready to jeopardize our water through fracking, actively opening the way for out of state companies to drill for export. She pushed legislation without adequate time for study, and without requiring companies to disclose chemicals used in fracking operations - putting fire department and first responder volunteers at risk. The industry’s own estimates show that fracking would create only about 400 jobs in North Carolina.

In the 2014 hearing on fracking before the Mining and Energy Commission (MEC), 80 people spoke eloquently with concerns about fracking. The MEC received 220,000 written comments, the majority ardently opposing fracking in North Carolina.

Instead of listening to the people, the legislature and governor have continued to actively promote fracking. Please let Michele Presnell know that water is too important to be casually ignored — by voting for our communities rather than outside interests in the mountains this election.

It’s time for Michele Presnell to step down, and we can submit our request for her to do so at the ballot box.

Autumn Woodward


Study Social Security plans carefully

To the editor:

The October bulletin published by AARP quoted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on different questions, including the all- important one of where they stand on Social Security.  Anyone over 55 might be interested in the following partial quotes: 
Donald Trump:  “Social Security will provide the full and complete benefits promised to seniors.”
Hillary Clinton:  “...I have been very clear that I intend to increase the looking at those who can and should be paying more.  We can raise the cap. We can also look at expanding the definition of the kind of income, so it’s not just active, it’s also passive income – investments and dividends...”
If anyone is unsure about what that means, it means MORE TAXES.  If you need investment income to supplement meager Social Security, Hillary will tax whatever you earn.
Consider that before you vote.
JoAnna Swanson

Why work the new American way of life

To the editor:

*A guy and his girlfriend have two kids.

  • Don’t get married
  • Guy buys a house but uses mother's address for mail
  • Rent house to girlfriend
  • Section 8 pays $900 a month for a three-bedroom house.
  • Girlfriend signs up for Obamacare. Guy doesn’t have to pay for family healthcare.
  • Single mother goes to college free.
  • Girlfriend gets $600 month food stamps, free utilities and Obama phone.
  • Guy moves in but does not change his address.
  • Each claim one kid as “head of household” and get $1,800 credit each.
  • Girlfriend gets $1,800 month SSDI for ever as crazy or back ache.

Millions are taking advantage of this system.

A married couple with stay at home mom gets $0

Unmarried couple with stay at home mom nets north of $75,000 a year.

Thank you Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats. This is how you “build the middle class,” claim you are fighting for the lower class and buy enough votes to stay in office using tax money paid by the people that actually work.

Is this a great country or what?

Bruce Gardner


Study issues carefully

To the editor:

The election is less than a month away. Yikes. It’s safe to say that nothing less than our future is at stake in this election.

Please don’t be swayed by the shenanigans at the top of the ticket but carefully check the other races, local and state.

And, don’t be fooled or seduced by the incessant barrage of campaign material. Treat it as advertising and do your own research into the positions of this or that candidate.

You owe it to yourself to vote for those candidates who have a positive message. Question the motives of any candidate whose campaign is nothing but smears, innuendoes, and negative attacks.

Unfortunately, for the past several years we have been subjected to dysfunctional government at the local, state, and national levels. The constant messages and actions of obstruction, divisiveness, discrimination, and partisanship only serve to polarize us even further.

The “us-them” situation does not solve or improve anything and only hurts us all. So, vote carefully and make your voice heard. Where we go from Nov. 9 really is up to you!

Bill Lusto