Reader letters Oct. 25

Oct 25, 2013

Thanks for the help

To the editor:

Now that our season is coming to a close, I wanted to take the opportunity to write and thank you for all you have done to help our organization. Through writing a couple of articles that helped promote our fundraising event, we were able to have a successful evening.

We appreciate your taking the time to help us raise funds to support the youth in and around Haywood County. By publishing articles, you and The Mountaineer were instrumental in the success of this event.

John “Richie” Davis

Haywood Mountaineers Youth Football and Cheerleading League

Shut down costs were high

To the editor,

Tuesday, Oct. 15, I delivered to Rep. Meadows’ office in Hendersonville over 32,000 signatures of people from the nation who are objecting to his role in trying to close down the government.

This website was from Faithful America, made up of Christians from many denominations who are concerned about the poor and needy being exploited by the far right.

Many people from Western North Carolina had signed on to the web site which was in operation only six days.

Signatures from people in Congressmen Meadows district include towns and counties across the district. Many of the petition signers were from Haywood County areas.

According to an article in the “New Yorker” in August, our Congressman sent a petition to many of the tea party Republicans suggesting a government shutdown if they could not stop Obamacare.

In the House of Representatives last night, he was one that voted to keep the government shut down. Fortunately there were enough intelligent Republicans and Democrats to end the shut down.

This shut down has cost the government over $24 billion and thousands of people hardship and loss of income. When election time comes around, I suggest we send Mark Meadows back to his gated community in Highlands where he and his wealthy neighbors live. I think the poor and middle class people in our district deserve someone better.

Robert G. Fulbright



A new term for tea

To the editor:

With the government shutdown fiasco, we have learned what TEA in Tea Party really stands for: Totally Egocentric Anarchists.  Tea Party legislators meet the definition of anarchist: a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule or law.

They are certainly not patriots.  They were willing to damage the US, its reputation, credit, and economy to oppose a law.  That law (Obamacare) is largely based on previous Republican proposals and principles.  The opposition – without any alternative solutions – seems based primarily on the fact that those Republican proposals are now embraced by a president who is not an old white guy.

They are not conservatives because the only things they seem to want to conserve are their personal bank accounts and the wealth of the rich.  In NC they passed a law that could force landowners to allow oil companies to do fracking on their land to get at natural gas.  At the national level, they want to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency so that corporations can pollute at will.

Before you think that the solution is to kick out all incumbents, remember that this mischief of the shutdown was caused by newly elected Tea Party legislators.  If you want to avoid more mischief, kick out the Tea Party extremists and replace them with rational Republicans or Democrats.

Norman G. Hoffmann


Maggie needs a different path

To the editor:

While Maggie Valley continues its economic decline, demands are made to fund festival events and other business ventures. The demands are called tax bills.

Meanwhile, mounting numbers of residents and business people believe motorcycle noise is hurting tourism. Although bikers are known for their generosity, they are short-term tourists. Their noise discourages affluent and culturally enlightened visitors who appreciate the beauty of the valley and mountains.

These sophisticated people take extended vacations and have common characteristics. They would enjoy a variety of festival events such as dog shows, kiddy carnivals, barbecue contests and winter ice skating. They like plays and musical productions, perfect for the closed Eagle’s Nest. They like to walk and ride bicycles. The abandoned green way path along Jonathan Creek could be renewed.

Maggie has several upscale restaurants, gift stores and an antique shop waiting for prosperous customers. It’s not too late to reverse Maggie’s dwindling economy and its tarnished reputation.

Maggie Valley would rival other thriving resorts except for its biased town board that is dominated by a handful of business people. Maggie voters have a better chance for salvation in the coming election.

There are candidates that are not business owners or employees. Hopefully, they are farsighted and realize getting rid of the noise and controlling traffic will benefit everyone, including businesses. Otherwise, continued degradation is usually followed by unpleasant conditions such as blight and undesirables, obvious in noisy towns that became sleazy because they took the same disastrous course.

Martin Malloy

Maggie Valley

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