Reader letters Oct. 9

Oct 08, 2013

Dems waging war against business

To the editor:

So the Democrats are continuing their war against small business. We have numerous businesses in North Carolina that are on federal lands belonging to the people of the United States.

So the Obama administration is prohibiting access to these businesses to make a point that they can do anything they want to do.

Hundreds of employees, all non-federal are being forced out of work in the height of the tourist season. And Harry Reid will not even allow funding to be passed for children who are being treated for cancer.

H. Dan Thomas



Opposition to health care is misplaced

To the editor:

I sent the following letter today to our Congressman, Mark Meadows and hope you can print it.

Your active opposition to the Affordable Care Act at this time is misplaced.  It should not be used to hold the budget and the country hostage, when the President has stated that he will discuss the act to explore improvements after a budget has been passed and the country is back at work.

When your action contributed to a government shut down, did you stop to consider that because of the ACA, millions of people will be able to afford medical insurance without being refused because of pre-existing conditions?  Did you stop to consider that college students like my grandaughter and thousands of other students will remain covered by her mother’s insurance?  Did you consider the people in your constituency that have been sent home and have no paychecks and the businesses in your constituency that will suffer over park closures during the height of the tourist season?  That cost has been estimated at about $30,000 a day for your constituency.

Prior to your election, you are reported to have said you will not support any Democratic bill, which translated means any government action that the President supports, in case it made him look successful.  When you fail to look after your home district but instead follow the extreme right wing, stone-age Tea Party philosophy to try to defeat the President, then you fail your responsibilities as an elected official.

Regarding health care insurance, one day this country will adopt a single payer system, as it will be the only viable way to handle the complex health care industry.  Every western country plus Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand have single payer systems that work well.

I have lived in two of these countries and I know their systems work.  They are an enormous benefit to both the people, the doctors and the whole medical community.  Our government does a good job running Medicare and Medicaid and could run a single payer health service.  It is not socialism, it is realism.

Robin CortvriendWaynesville