Reader letters, Sept. 19

Sep 19, 2016

Let’s honor public servants with trees

To the editor:

Waynesville is seeking input for its Park and Recreation Department. I have been involved with the Osborne Boundary Oak for many years.  I feel trees have many values.  Waynesville has trees planted in honor of a person or an event.

These trees should be catalogued, the location of the tree and reason for its planting made available to the public in the publication. I would like to see a place where a grove of trees could be planted with specific trees to honor persons who have served the community in admirable ways.

This could be our “Memory Forest.”  Give the Parks and Recreation Department your thoughts and recommendations.


Doris B. Hammett, MD


Healthy children are the goal

To the editor:

The Southwestern Nurse Family Partnership will hold its first graduation for our clients and their toddlers this week in the Family Resource Center in Webster.

The Nurse Family Partnership is a voluntary program open to first time mothers in Jackson, Macon, Haywood, and Swain counties. Anyone can refer possible clients to the program.

Women come into the program anytime before 28 weeks in their pregnancy and receive regular home visits from a registered nurse until their baby is 2 years of age.

The NFP program currently serves 95 clients and 76 babies in the four counties. This week, eight clients will graduate after completing the program.

Southwestern NFP would like to thank the Walmart stores in Jackson, Macon, and Haywood counties for their generous support of our program and of our graduation ceremony.

The NFP staff would also like to recognize and thank our Community Advisory Board for their help and contributions to the graduation event.

Finally, we would like to thank the communities and the community leadership in the area we serve for their support of our program.

Vicki Lewis NFP Nursing Supervisor



Racial insults hurled at Trump rally

To the editor:

On Monday, my family and I, with our 9-year-old daughter, attended the rally for Donald Trump.

After the rally as we were leaving the Cellular Center, we were accosted by yelling, screaming, wild-eyed people calling us and other Trump supporters names and spewing all sorts of vile things at us. Several flashed peace signs while exhibiting such behavior.

My daughter is Hispanic and was hurt by the names she was called by these despicable people. My son, who has Down’s syndrome, could not understand why they were so hateful to him.

I am a Vietnam veteran who supports the right to protest. What I do not support is people calling my daughter, who happens to be Hispanic from Guatemala, racial slurs. This has no place in any kind of protest.

I guess me and my family make up those deplorable people Hillary referred to in her speech recently.

Jerry McClure




Statement was inappropriate

To the editor:

I hope the article was in error when, in Wednesday’s Mountaineer, it was said that at Mr. Trump’s gathering a  Trump supporter told a young woman that she should “go home and come back when she was old enough to get her period.”

If that was an accurate quote, maybe Mrs. Clinton was not too far off when she characterized some Trump supporters as “deplorable.”

John Vanderstar



(Editor’s note: The photos in Wednesday’s paper were of the two individuals involved in the shouting match, and indeed they were quoted correctly.)

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Posted by: carolyn mull | Sep 20, 2016 05:55

There are deplorable people on both sides. Read the comment above yours John Vanderstar. There are always bad apples that spoil the rest. Democrats aren't perfect people and neither are the republican people.

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