Reader letters, Sept. 9

Sep 06, 2013

Column was a disappointment

To the editor:

As a long time reader of the Mountaineer I have always been impressed with your attempt to be fair and impartial.

That is why I was flabbergasted to read Chuck Fiebernitz’s September 4 column in which he states, “As for Manziel, he is the son of a car salesman. Honesty, humility and integrity are not part of their character or personality.”

I’m not sure if the word “their” is in reference to all car salesmen or just Manziel’s family, but in either case the statement at a minimum is in very bad taste and at worst could easily be considered libelous.

I expect more from the Mountaineer.

Tony Sexton



Follow the Constituition

To the editor:

Congress, courts and Presidents have shredded Constitutional restraints on their separate powers.

We the people and 50 states have been bribed by Congressional gifts of $1.6 trillion yearly of people’s entitlements and $0.6 trillion of state entitlements.

In 1913, governors lost the right to appoint two state senators, who would favor their own states prerogatives, rather than Washington’s national lobby groups.

Only five budgets in 50 years have been balanced.

Obama and predecessors have used executive orders to avoid normal restraints on their power. Washington’s spending spree began in 1913, when Congress passed the income tax to fund the wars of Wilson: then FDR, Truman, Kennedy-Johnson, Bushes and Obama.

Spending continues apace today with Congress’s world police force. Meanwhile, heirs of Johnson’s Great Society have been largely funded by stealing Social Security funds over 50 years. The fund is broke.

Nine Ivy League Supreme Court judges use the Constitution to uphold the “people’s” rights? A majority has written opinions stating they are not bound by common understandings of the written Constitution and legal commentary written in the year of that law.

They are free to write their own versions of a law’s meaning, which are impossible to repeal. (Humphery/USA)

Independent government agencies are outside presidential and congressional control  and have written 36,000 pages of fine-print regulations affecting businesses and the “people.” (Chevron/Natural Resources)

Judges have a free hand to overturn state laws. (Gay marriage in California.)

Women, who accept that God creates the “soul” of a human “person,” are free to kill that person. The court can’t distinguish between a person’s soul, an 1830 slave soul, or a cow’s soul.

You think a Constitutional Convention can prevent Congress from spending us into financial collapse?

Congress has thumbed their nose at 20-plus state requests since 1990, saying they have no obligation to call a convention until 34 states submit similar applications for a balanced budget.

Where are the 60 non Conservative Caucus Republicans and 30 governors?

They won’t stand against 22 million-government unionists or 60 million voters receiving government subsidies. The Constitution is dead.

Jack Ryan


Comments (2)
Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Sep 08, 2013 11:23

      OUR Constitution is not dead, Mr Ryan!

       Entitlements are not "subsidies".

      Many Union members are republican.

       There is no requirement or need to balance the federal govt.

        It remains to be seen whether anyone possesses a "soul". Regardless OUR shared Constitutions equally protect "persons". You and you alone are responsable for your soul. AND NOONE ELSE"S! A woman's right to the Liberty of self-determination was protected by the Common law from the first settlers to about 1875 when the NRA caused abortion laws to be passed. Roe vs. Wade negated those unneccessary laws and returned to women her Naturally inherent or otherwise inalienable rights as protected by OUR shared Constitutions.

      Most certainly Judges have the authority as granted by OUR shared Constitutions to overturn laws that are un-constitutional. As We are a republic all it takes is one person to challenge a law.

      I'd suggest you actually read court decisions in their entirety & not someone else's opinion.

      Social Security is not broke.

       An entitlement is an earned entity. It is not a gift whatsoever. You earned it. You are therefore, entitled to it. Government action that limits that which you have earned by the sweat of your own labor or paid into, is an outright theft however. Like gee, I don't know, mccrorry's limiting unemployment monies, Medicaid/care, etc.


        Chuck z.

Posted by: Mountain Heritage | Sep 08, 2013 22:35

"We Read The Constitution"

This Saturday ... come join us for this much needed discussion... Time: September 14, 2013 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Lake Julian Pavillion #1
Street: 406 Overlook Road
City/Town: Arden NC

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