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Apr 08, 2014

Don’t forget to register to vote

To the editor:

Those wishing to cast a ballot in May’s primary election must register to vote by Friday – and this year the deadline is final.

The approaching April 11 deadline is the latest change in last year’s elections law to come into effect.

Other changes that will be enacted for the May 6 primary are a shortened early voting period, which starts April 24, and no straight-ticket voting.

Don’t let big money control the election process. Make your voice heard. Register by this Friday and vote on May 6.

Bill Lusto



Honor a Girl Scout

To the editor:

On April 22, 2014, Girl Scouts in Haywood County will honor their volunteers on Girl Scout Leader/Volunteer Appreciation Day during National Volunteer Week.

As a Girl Scout volunteer, I have seen first-hand the positive effect of volunteerism in Haywood County and how Girl Scouts and their leaders/volunteers make a difference in our community every day. For those of you who have a daughter in Girl Scouting, take a moment to think about her leader and all the other volunteers in her service unit.

Think about how at every meeting the leader is there to help your daughter experience new challenges and gain new skills for the future. Remember your Girl Scout leader and volunteers with a note of thanks or a personal phone call or greeting.

If you have a place of business in our community we would ask that on April 22, 2014 you acknowledge Girl Scout Volunteers with a Thank you on your sign or web page.

In Haywood County, we would like to recognize and thank the following leaders/Volunteers: Laura Clark, Tricia Thomas, Vi Terrell, Brandy Thompson, Dianna Williams, Alicia Turner, Denise Teague, Laura Greer, Marcia Tate, Crystal Klunk, Kristie Krejci, Tonya Warner, Sarah Sanford, Virginia Longhauser, Mandy Samuelsen, Amanda Dellesavia, Alicia Bumgarner, Dorothie Willson, Veronica Martin, Regan Wyatt, Monica Russell and everyone else.

You truly make a difference in the lives of girls. One thing we often talk about is the friendships that the girls form; I would also like to thank you for the friendship that we form as adults together.

The adults I have worked with in Girl Scouts are truly treasured friends, they are the people who have seen me at my best and worst, at 2:47 a.m. and will still give me a hug after three days in the woods with children, campfires and no bath.  They are truly loyal!  If you are interested in joining the ranks of these incredible leaders, please join us May 13 at 6:30 as we begin to recruit amazing people.

Rachel A. Berwick

Thanks MedWest-Haywood for the great care

To the editor:

Almost a month ago, after severe pain and the insistence of my wife, she and I went to the emergency room at MedWest-Haywood.

After a very long night of testing and finally managing the pain, I was admitted for further testing and surgery.

I would like to personally thank each and every person on staff there who saw to my needs during my week-long stay.

Each and every visit paid to me by many doctors, nurses and various other hospital staff was explained to me in terms that my family and I understood.
Everyone was very professional, but at the same time, very kind, compassionate and caring.

I would also like to thank those who came by to offer kind words of advice on what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months.

The kindness and compassion shown during this difficult time was amazing.

The ER staff, as well as the fifth floor staff, are to be commended for their dedication to teir patients and their needs. Again, I would like to express my gratitude for the kindness and great care that I received.

MedWest-Haywood truly is a great asset to Haywood Countuy. Keep up the good work.

RJ Plemmons


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