By Cecil "Zeke" Yount | Apr 24, 2013

Since my last column, we’ve had winter in March. The weather provided me an opportunity to keep finding good reasons, some would say excuses, for not attending to my cardio-vascular fitness by riding my bike. Something needed to change so I committed myself to participate in the annual 30 Days of Riding. 30 Days is a national effort in which people pledge to ride their bicycles every day in April.

This seemed like a good way for me to reinstitute some self-discipline, not to mention, reacquaint myself with my bikes that have been relegated to the garage since my move to beautiful rural Canton from beautiful rural Bethel. Thus far, I’m one third of the way into the month and have met my commitment to ride my bike some length of distance each day. My only exception has been on April 3rd when we again joyously experienced winter in the form of freezing temperatures and icy conditions. On that day, I rode a leg of the Tour de France on my indoor spinner so I could keep my commitment to fitness.

Throughout the winter my fitness plan has consisted of splitting and moving wood. Wood does truly warm you multiple times and I have enjoyed getting to know my Go Devil again after several years of gas and kerosene heat. Unfortunately, it turns out that splitting wood isn’t all that great for your cardio fitness although I think my eye-hand coordination is somewhat improved. On my first day of riding on April Fool’s Day, I was reminded of that first day of riding some 5 years ago when I barely made it one mile before needing to stop and take a breather. Fortunately, subsequent days of riding have quickly seen an improvement in my cardio levels. Another great benefit has been that I’m getting to know my new neighborhood in ways that I could not do if I were speeding through in an enclosed vehicle. Will I make it all 30 days? I have no idea but, like my friends in A.A., I’m taking it “one day at a time!”

A Note of Thanks!

Recently, a local resident and cyclist was enjoying a Sunday afternoon ride along NC 110 going toward Canton. He was passed by a late model black pickup populated by two young adult males. The passenger threw a bottle at him and nearly hit him. A glass bottle moving at 35+ mph would have caused significant injury had it connected. Fortunately, the truck had some unique markings and a report was filed with the Canton Police. Chief Whitner and his staff took the report seriously and took steps to apprehend the truck when it approached Canton. However, before getting to Canton, the truck turned and came back toward the cyclist yelling at him again as they passed. The Chief and his staff have continued to look for the truck and to address the assault that occurred. Many thanks go out to the Chief and the Canton Policemen for their attention to this dangerous behavior.

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