Reality show exposes Maggie Valley to the world

Aug 19, 2013

An internationally aired reality show featuring Maggie Valley businessman Dale Walksler has no doubt had — and will continue to have — a huge impact on local economy.

Walksler, the curator of Wheels Through Time Museum, and his son Matt Walksler, star in Velocity TV’s “What’s in the Barn?” The series follows Walksler around the country while he locates some of the most rare motorcycles in the world. If you haven’t tuned in for at least one episode, we encourage you to do so.

Not only is it entertaining, but also Walksler makes a point to plug Maggie Valley every chance he gets. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of advertising. Bike enthusiasts watching the show will certainly make sure they make plans to visit Wheels Through Time on their next ride through the mountains.

And hopefully while they are here, they will discover all the other wonderful attractions Haywood County has to offer. While we as locals may take the museum for granted, watching the show makes you realize how fortunate we are to have such a unique museum in our county.

For example, during one of the episodes, Walksler meets with Tom Reiser, a drag racing and hill-climbing national champion as well as a Harley Davidson mechanic. Reiser specifically calls Walksler to give him the opportunity to buy a rare motorcycle because he knows it will be taken care of.

“A running museum is very unusual,” Reiser says in the show. And that’s exactly why he wanted the bike to be at Wheels Through Time — so it will continue to run instead of collecting dust and rust somewhere.

The show makes two things clear — Walksler truly has a passion and appreciation for the bikes he brings to Maggie and he is a respected expert when it comes to restoring these American relics. That is what makes the show a success.

We hope the show will run for many seasons and continue to introduce people across the globe to our corner of the world.

And if you haven’t been into the museum in a while, stop by to see the great bikes found during the first season of “What’s in the Barn” and say thanks to Walksler for the exposure he has given to the valley.