Recycling reminder

Jan 28, 2013

The town of Maggie Valley sent out the following information as a reminder of what to recycle and what to put in the garbage bags. It is a comprehensive list and applies throughout the county.

Residents may recycle many items.

Please rinse all cans, bottles and jars before placing them in the recycling bag.

The following items are recyclable:

All Plastics (1 through 7)

Wide-Mouth Plastic Containers

Milk Cartons

Juice Boxes & Cartons

Aluminum Cans and pie pans

Metal Food Cans

Glass Bottles & Jars

Cereal & Food Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes - Flattened

Mixed Paper, Newspapers & Junk Mail

Paperback Books & Magazines



Please do not place the following items in the recycling bag. These items are not recyclable:


Aluminum Foil


Plastic Bags

Plastic Film & Wrap

Pizza Boxes

Black Microwavable Trays



Audio/Video Tapes

Photographic Film

CDs & DVDs

Tires & Other Rubber Products

Plastic Paint Cans

Household Glassware

Standard Light Bulbs

Clothing & Other Fabric

Household Garbage

Yard Waste