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By Paul Viau | Jul 31, 2013
Photo by: Paul Viau photos STANDING BEHIND THE BUSINESS  — Paul Alfano, co-owner of The Hot Tub Store in Waynesville, boasts the largest variety of hot tubs and spas in the region.

I’m a big fan of hot tubs and spas. They have helped me re-hab when I played high school and college sports (That’s about a half century ago.) During my advertising career, a little ”spa time” always helped get the creative juices flowing. I can’t tell you how many ad campaigns percolated from the therapeutic waters of my hot tub.

Back then, my day began with (1) start the coffee maker, (2) look at my “to do” list for the day and (3) hop in the hot tub and start thinking. (Repeat sequence, as needed — usually without the “to do” list.)

It was a lot of work coming up with fresh ideas — it looked so much easier on the TV series “Bewitched.”

These days I use my hot tub more for hydrotherapy. For the past 15 years I have been battling plantar faciitis, which flared up in my early 50s after my razor scooter and I (Yeh, I know I was way to old for that) collided with a very lovely rock wall.

The wall won, and I limped through the next 10 years thanks to a small three-person hot tub that just happened to have foot jets.

I guess I am not the only person with foot pain, because the spa manufacturers include foot jets in many models, and they get better and better every year.

This summer I learned that first hand when I visited the Hot Tub Store in Waynesville to get chemicals for my aging spa. As I walked in the door, a young girl surfaced (popped up) from one of the spas and greeted me. It turns out, she was Evelyn — the granddaughter of the owners, Paul and Claire Alfano. Evelyn was visiting her grandparents, and I was fortunate to be there on her “spa day.”

Evelyn was a real good sales person, so instead of getting chemicals for my decade-old, not-so hot tub, I focused on a shiny, new 3-seater spa with (You guessed it.) very nicely located foot jets. It was a 2012 model, which was on sale.

The price was great, and the Hot Tub Store is local. Better yet, the Hot Tub Store concentrated on hot tubs and spas — in my opinion, it’s better to shop a specialty store than a “less focused” entertainment store, where the attention (and knowledge) is divided between, hot tubs, pool tables, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Did you know? — The Hot Tub Store first opened in 1994. Paul and Claire Alfano acquired the business in 2005 and immediately doubled the floor space.

This allows the Alfanos to have more than 30 hot tubs on display, in all shapes and sizes, from the four major manufacturers in the spa category. The Hot Tub Store also has swim spas on display — larger spas that let you swim in place against a rushing stream of water.

The Hot Tub Store offers a wide variety of flexible financing plans, and will work with you “creatively” to make your hot tub affordable.

Finally, the Hot Tub Store has a fully trained, service and installation staff. Jim Tedder, their lead technician, has been with the store more than 15 years. I can tell you first hand, he really knows his stuff.

It’s the three basics of business that set the Hot Tub Store apart — quality products, knowledgeable staff, and positive service attitude.

Paul Alfano credits much of his success to his father, who always told him “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.”

A good deal of the Hot Tub Store’s success also goes to the Alfanos’ older granddaughter, Kaitlyn. For years she’s been doing the television commercials for the store, always ending with her catchy phrase — “Buy one, you know you want one.”

The only things I would ad, is — If you think you don’t have room for a hot tub, think again — there are sizes and styles to fit your deck, patio or sunroom.

Also — Take my word for it,  “Buy from the Hot Tub Store — You know they’ll take good care of you.”

The Hot Tub Store is located at 1478 Dellwood Road in Waynesville. Visit the Web site at www.thetubstore.com, or phone 926-8484.