Remember to Bring...

By Doug Worrell | Jul 22, 2014

Want to have a successful furniture buying trip? We want you to come in feeling prepared and come out feeling accomplished. Here are 5 things for you to remember to bring when you come into High Country:

Bring room dimensions –  Before you begin shopping, measure from baseboard to baseboard all around your room. This will help you shop more effectively and you will not have to just guess if it will be too small, too big, or just right!

Bring pictures of the room –  Before coming in, it is always helpful to take a few pictures of the room that needs furniture. This will help our design personnel understand certain characteristics of the room such as the sizes and placement of windows.

Bring samples of fabrics or leathers –  If you have an existing piece of furniture that you would like to take into account when buying more furniture or re-designing your room, bring in a sample of the fabric or leather. This will help us to be more exact when helping you shop.

Bring in color samples  – If your room is a certain color or if you have an idea of a color for your room, bring in paint chips or some sort of sample for matching purposes. Don’t have a color selected? No problem! Our design personnel can help you select the best color for your room!

Bring your floor plan –  If your house is under construction, it is helpful to bring in your floor plan.

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Above is an example of one of our recent design jobs. Interested in learning more about our design services? Check out our website for more details!