Did you know?

Remember Valentine’s Day the right way, and you could earn a purple heart.

By Paul Viau | Feb 13, 2013
Photo by: Paul Viau BEGUILED AND BEDAZZLED — Seven Silver Seas owner, Brandi Mehaffey, has just the right gift to capture your Valentine's heart.

This is a Valentine’s Day reminder for all you men who are so caught up with your own lives, that you have forgotten that (ALERT! ALERT!) Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. (The day after this column first appears)

And if you get your copy of The Guide tucked inside The Mountaineer, you may already be SOL (Sooooo out-of Luck), because you have scant, few hours to remember (as in, gift) your partner, wife, first mate, girlfriend, soul mate, main squeeze, and sweetheart.

And trust me on this, you better not forget your mother, either.

Lucky for me, one lady is all-of-the-above to me, including (in the absence of my late mother, Ida) doing a lot of mothering to me in my current, one-legged, hop-along, vegetative state.

Carol, of whom I speak, had the presence of mind a week before my surgery to remind me that Valentine’s Day was coming up, and suggested that I purchase a gift certificate in advance from her favorite-of-favorites store — Seven Silver Seas in Maggie Valley.

This purple playhouse is the preferred pastime for my partner and a plethora of other pretty patrons — So naturally, I complied with her request.

Plus I had the presence of mind to purchase a few additional gift certificates made out simply to — ‘My Caregiver.’

Before you think to yourself, “Ahhhh, how cute.” — Did you know? — As the Donna Summer song goes, Carol is “working hard for her money.”

Right now, she is my nurse, cook, housekeeper, valet, secretary, maid, muse and chauffer. And she is learning the true meaning of her wedding vows, “in sickness and in health.” The least I could do is make myself more presentable.

Did you know? — In Shakespeare’s day, men would hold a peeled apple under their arm for a short time, then present it to their loved one as a gift for her to inhale and enjoy.

Somehow, I don’t think this trick will work in these modern times (and my old armpit) even if I used a Granny Smith.

My Carol would much prefer a purple piece of paper (gift certificate), from Seven Silver Seas, and that is my recommendation to all of you gentlemen a little late in the game/search for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Forget about cards, candy, and cut crystal — except for chocolate brown, purple is the new Valentine color — and rightly so. Purple, after all, is the true color of your heart (a combination of red arteries and blue veins.) And the iconically purple Seven Silver Seas has something to warm every woman’s heart.

Owner, Brandi Mehaffey has amassed a treasure trove of gifts from all over the world, with handmade sterling silver jewelry and a rainbow of exotic gemstones. Her clientele comes from near and far, and her helpful staff is happy to assist — even men — in making the right gift choice.

So head on out to Maggie Valley and look for the shocking shock of purple on the left (south) side of Soco Road, just past the junction of U.S. Highway 276 — 521 Soco Road, to be exact.

Take my word for it — especially for Valentine’s Day, this purple paradise is sure to please.

For more information, call Seven Silver Seas at 926-1877.