Restrooms temporarily unavailable at Marshall Street Park

By Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department | Jun 26, 2014

The mobile restroom unit that has been in use at the Marshall Street Park will be removed on Thursday, June 26, in an effort to provide additional bathroom facilities to assist at MedWest-Haywood. While there is no definitive time frame for its return, it is hoped that the unit will only be gone for a few weeks.

"This will certainly help MedWest get through a very difficult and critical time in the life of the hospital and the Town is happy to assist," said Town Manager Marcy Onieal.  She also thanked the recreation department for its willingness to help the community and asked for understanding and patience from park patrons.

“We hope those using the park understand the need for this action,” she said.

Restroom facilities are available for use at the Vance Street Park and in the main Recreation Center building until the unit is returned.

For additional information, contact the Recreation Center at 456-2030 or Administrative Services at 452-2491.