Revisiting review: National Treasure 1 & 2

By Max Maier | Jul 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July everyone! With the anniversary of America's Independence, I decided to start a new segment I like to call "Revisitng review". In these segments, I will review a movie or movies from the past, varying decades. I will mainly focus on movies that deserve to be revisited for their quality, or if I find a gem of a movie that is famous, but bad, I may do that. It could be fun hahaha. So I'm going to start with 2 movies that involve our country's proud history: National Treasure (2004) & National Treasure: Book of secrets (2007).


Both movies star Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates, a historian/ treasure hunter similar to Indiana Jones, except more humanized and relatable. His best friend Riley, played by the Hangover's Justin Bartha, and Ben's gal, Abigail, played by Diane Kruger, accompany him on both adventures. In the first movie, Ben and the gang, including Ben's father, played by Jon Voight, must steal the Declaration of Independence and find the clues that point to a treasure from all the way back in the days of our country's independence. The gang has to figure out the secrets before Ben's rival treasure hunter, Ian, played by Game of Thrones' Sean Bean.

In the sequel, Book of Secrets, Ben once again must assemble the gang, adding his mother played by RED's Helen Mirren, to aquire the President's Book of Secrets to find a long lost City of Gold that would clear his family's name. However, another man looking to cement his family's legacy, Mitch, played by Ed Harris, wants to claim the city for himself and wants Ben out of the way.


Both movies benefit from having great stories and great casts. Nicolas Cage catches alot of flak for not being a good actor. Sure, he isn't Tom Hanks, but in my opinion, these movies are proof the man can act well. He may have alot of movies that bombed, and that he wasn't great in, But I enjoy his acting and I think he really shines here. The rest of the supporting cast is also great. Riley is a great geeky best friend with alot of funny moments. Abigail comes off as annoying and unlikable at the beginning of both movies, especially the sequel, but by the climaxs, she is character you care about too. Ben's parents are hysterical. Jon Voight and Helen Mirren are riots to watch and deliver great performances. The main antagonists, Mitch and Ian, are also great villains. They are not menical, plotting madmen. They are just bad men with their own desires. Mitch especially, he starts off as Ben's friend. You see their desires split them, and the struggle in Mitch's face as he takes the villainous path. It also helps that it's Sean Bean. He is great.


These movies pack alot of great action and mystery too. The clues are very creative and take our cast across the country. It also is rich in American history, and you may learn some stuff too. It is alot of fun with alot of suspense, and I highly reccommend both films. Celebrate this weekend of America's birth, with some good mystery with Nicolas Cage through our country's history.


I give National Treasure a historical 4.5 our 5

and I give National Treasure: Book of Secrets 4.5 Cages out of 5