Rival teams create an office divided

Oct 11, 2016

There may be pumpkins on the front porch, but inside Haywood Health Center there is an office divided between the Pisgah Bears and the Tuscola Mountaineers.

Marking the 50th anniversary of what is referred to as the “County Clash,” office staff are enjoying a friendly competition between the two high schools. The check-in and checkout windows are now decorated in rival team colors. From a hand-painted mountaineer to a raging black bear both windows have visitors excited.

“There’s been a lot of conversation in our waiting room as our visitors reminisce about games they remember,” said Louise Goss, who graduated from Tuscola and decorated her workspace.

A section of the waiting area details the history of this 50-year rivalry, identifying each year’s victor. Then there’s the rival meeting in 1974 when the game ended in a tie (13-13) because no overtime policy had been set.

Along with the history, both staff-teams have prepared colorful boxes for visitors to vote for their favorite team and project who will win this year’s football game.

“It’s a fun way to show our community spirit and support these two teams in a rivalry that dates back to 1966,” said Donda Bennett, practice manager. “Haywood County has a heritage that runs deep and it has been fun to hear stories from patients about the rivalry.”

On Friday, Oct. 14, thousands will start tailgating before the game begins at 7:30 p.m. at Pisgah Memorial Stadium. And for one night only, the staff of Haywood Health Center will be in their favorite team colors on opposite sides of the field.