Robinson to hold campaign kick-off event

Jan 22, 2014

On Saturday, Jan. 25, Ron Robinson will hold a kick-off event announcing his campaign for State Senate, District 50.

After a panel discussion in the Community Room of the Sylva Library, he will comment on issues facing the seven westernmost counties.

Robinson said the extremists in the General Assembly have created a hostile environment throughout the state. Teachers are leaving our schools in droves, many are still seeking work while unemployment benefits are denied.

Neighbors may suffer health issues and no health insurance. Many people with jobs are experiencing shrinking incomes while housing, gas and grocery prices increase. Many more have not received pay increases in years.

Robinson’s vision is shaped by discussions with people on his campaign visits. Our seven counties have a prosperous economy with companies knocking down our doors to locate here because of our world-class schools. These companies pay good wages, reduce mountain poverty and grow the economy for everyone.

“Our children work close to home, our friends and neighbors experience better health, more infants survive and thrive and we live longer and happier lives,” Robinson said. “We enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and boating in clean mountain air and water. Tourists visit from around the globe to enjoy our mountains while contributing to our economic growth.”

Robinson expects to be held accountable for supporting our counties using middle of the road, common sense solutions for  our children having more and better-paid teachers in their schools, more neighbors having jobs that pay the bills and more families able to see a doctor.








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