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By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Sep 04, 2013
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt People enjoy playing bingo as last year's Haywood County Schools Foundation Bingo fundraiser.

Early deadlines

I would love to tell you what a great time I had playing at Frog Level Brewing Friday night, how awesome the Waynesville Beer Fest was Saturday and give you details about the Hank Williams Jr. concert I attended Sunday in Cherokee.

And I know you are looking forward to all the great photos from the Smoky Mountain Folk Festival and Downtown Waynesville Block Party (where we made adorable newspaper hats for all the kids).

But you will just have to wait until next week’s Guide to find all of that because the only down side to Labor Day is the early deadlines it imposes on our staff here at The Mountaineer.

I usually write my column on Sunday after all the weekend excitement is over and make sure all the photos get in on Monday before The Guide is sent to the printer. This week The Guide had to be sent to the printer on Friday because people at the printer get Monday off.


The Strand

But even without all that weekend coverage, I’ve tried my best to give you some good things to read this week. Our center spread and cover are about the Conards’ efforts to get The Strand Theater back up and running. They’ve done a lot of work, and I hope the community will support them by coming out for some classic movies, (who doesn’t like “The Goonies”) and also come to hear some great music lined up for October.

The Strand will give people one more option for entertainment in downtown — especially after 6 p.m. And as Lorraine Conard pointed out in the article, perhaps if we can create more foot traffic after 5 p.m. it will give businesses a reason to stay open later. It’s a chicken and an egg kind of problem for sure.

So be sure to get your tickets for Sept. 6 or 7 and bring your kids to see “The Goonies” or if you want a romantic movie date with your significant other, come see “Casablanca” on Sept. 20 or 21.



Anne Baker is our new Lifestyles Editor and is doing an amazing job. But she is also an avid hiker and has offered to write a hiking column for The Guide once a month. Her first column can be found on page XX. Read about her hiking trip ???

And our regular columnist Paul Viau wrote about the exciting game of bingo this week since a couple of big charity bingo games are coming up in Haywood. Don’t laugh! Try as you may to discredit bingo or think that it is a game reserved for the nursing homes crowds — but it is addicting.

So before you knock it, you should consider participating in the charity bingo on Sept. 13 to benefit a number of nonprofits or the Haywood County Schools Foundation bingo night on Sept. 21.

I must tell you that we play a monthly game of bingo at the office. The pot is usually only $25 or $50, but for some crazy reason no has won in months and the pot is up to $150!

I passed by the daily bingo number every day since I started in February and never played, and neither did anyone else in the newsroom. But we couldn’t pass it up once it hit $150. So now the whole newsroom is playing and obsessively waiting for the new bingo number and marking our card. You would think it was the $300 million lotto jackpot. As I write this, it is the last day of August and I’m eagerly awaiting our last number be called. Come on B7!

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