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By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Apr 02, 2014
C.J. Deering and Barbara Bates Smith

Most Improved Camper

Another amazing weekend in Haywood County! Saturday night I went to see C.J. Deering's one-woman improv show, "Most Improved Camper" at HART.

She was so nervous about her show but to her amazement, the show sold out all three nights, meaning it will be held over this coming weekend. So if you didn't catch it, call HART and reserve your tickets now before it's too late.

You won't be disappointed. C.J. is a natural comedian — sharing the stories of her childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Every mistake she made led her here to Waynesville and I'm so very glad that it did.

Her story is one so many people can relate to — functional alcoholic parents (or is that just me?), a hodgepodge of amazing jobs she fell into, struggles, triumphs and much more. As a recovering alcoholic, she told drunken stories that so many related to without shame or regret. It was what it was — her life. Many people approached her after the show and thanked her for being brave enough to share her story because they too were recovering.

But her funny stories were surrounded by honest and heartfelt stories that took so much guts to be able to talk about in front of 70 people — a child given up for adoption and the death of her mother. I cried, I laughed and I sympathized with her journey.

So thank you C.J. for being brave enough to stand in front of all those people and be vulnerable. Thank you for making us laugh and reminding us that life is good when it's fleeting and unpredictable. And thank you to Barbara Bates Smith for making her do the show!

Beer month

Yes, it's that time of year again — North Carolina Beer Month. It's a month to celebrate the growing craft beer industry that we have here. There are many events being held at our local and regional breweries to celebrate the season. See a full list of local events on page 8-9.

BearWaters Frog Level and Tipping Point will all be serving a special WNC collaborative beer all month as well as holding special events and featuring incredible music.

This is a time to support our local microbreweries even if you aren't a huge beer fan because these breweries are working hard to support our tourism industry. With three local breweries, Waynesville is becoming another craft brewing destination. Frog Level will be holding a home brewing competition April 19 to showcase the best of the best home brews.

Even my husband Matt is starting to get the brewing bug. Our friend Cameron, who is a bartender at Frog Level, held a barbecue last Sunday to teach us how it's done. While we got more hung up in eating steak and jamming on guitar, the brewing process is an interesting one. You don't want to miss sampling brews from Cameron as well as Greg Copen — our Guide beer columnist.

As I've said before, Matt and I were not beer drinkers until we moved here to western North Carolina. But the breweries here have made us feel so much at home by offering great beer, a great atmosphere and friendly faces.

Seriously, we have made so many new friends while hanging out after a hard day's work or while performing or even dressing up in 80s clothes to go out dancing. Keep up the hard work guys — it is much appreciated.


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Posted by: Scott Lilly | Apr 02, 2014 11:34

"Even my husband Matt is starting to get the brewing bug." -- Home brewing is a fun hobby.  And if you're not partial to alcohol, brewing root beer is just as fun and kid-friendly.  (Use plastic bottles - trust me on that one.)

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