Rolling with Stone

By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Jul 09, 2014
Photo by: Carol Viau

Freezing fireworks

Well my wish came true — we had absolutely gorgeous weather over the Fourth of July weekend.

I had our cooler and lawn chairs ready and waiting Friday for Matt to get home from work. Then we headed out to Maggie Valley for the backyard Red, White and Boom fireworks at the festival grounds.

It was nice — families relaxing and simply enjoying each other’s company. Children were playing catch, lighting sparklers and running around the grounds. Just as I was thinking some music was needed — someone cranked up Michael Jackson, Prince and The Beatles on their stereo.

While I was dressed to withstand the heat and lathered up with 70 SPF sunscreen, the temp dropped as the sun went down. We were sitting there shivering with our arms tucked into our short-sleeved shirts.

There was only one other time in my life I remember freezing while waiting for fireworks to start — it was on the Puget Sound Bay in Tacoma, Washington. But never in my life did I think I would need a sweater on July 4 in the South! But I won’t complain because at least it didn’t rain. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.


Burning Can

On Saturday, Guide contributors Paul and Carol Viau and I road tripped out to Brevard for the second annual Burning Can Beer Fest. The beer fest only featured breweries that offer their craft brews in a can, including two of our Waynesville breweries — Frog Level and BearWaters.

Oskar Blues hosted the event and many of our favorite WNC breweries were there, but we also got to sample some brews from Illinois, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and more.

Paul is such a professional beer festivalgoer, he puts the rest of us to shame. He had the hat, the can holder around his neck, pretzels in his fanny pack and his camera bag. I thought I had lathered on enough sunscreen but apparently I missed a spot so now I have one red shoulder.

It was hotter on Saturday and there was no shade to be found near the beer tents. I kept finding shelter under the Frog Level and BearWaters tents, which let me hear all the great reactions to FLBC’s Salamander Slam and BearWaters’ Sliding Rock Ale.

I’ll admit though — I’m more looking forward to the second annual Waynesville Craft Brew Fest on Aug. 16. We had such a great time last year. The American Legion was the perfect location too — grass and plenty of shade for the wussies like me.


Fun continues

Hopefully you had some time to recuperate from the weekend so you can enjoy all the things coming up this weekend. The Mountaineer will host the second annual Ladies Night Out from 5:30 to 8 p.m. tomorrow night at Laurel Ridge Country Club.

Last year we had more than 250 women come to this fun evening out to see what Haywood County has to offer as far as products and services. So many women here feel like they have to go to Asheville to get makeup, clothes, medical services and more, but Haywood has more than you think. So bring the girls, have some wine and snacks and go shopping all at the same place.

Then you should head over to The Strand on Main Street to see Billy Jonas perform a one-man stomp show. Tickets are only $12 and The Strand can now serve beer! If you’d rather hear some country, Nashville recording artist Lacy Green will be playing at The Wineseller.

This weekend, Maggie Valley will be holding its 22nd annual Summer Arts & Crafts Festival at the festival grounds. Read more about it on page XX.

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Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jul 10, 2014 11:58

Regarding the road trip to Brevard, you do better than I if you actually get there.  The drive over the top on 276 is just so distracting... If you resist the temptation in Bethel to pick some produce or to see Lake Logan, you'll then have to make yourself pass Jukebox Junction without stopping.  There are a number of picnic places along the stream going up and even more back down the other side.  There's the Blue Ridge Parkway to pull at you.  And Looking Glass Falls that at best slows you down.  And there's the forestry cradle thing and a wildlife observation area.  A fish hatchery, Sliding Rock, and some kind of equestrian place.  And if that wasn't enough, right as you come into Brevard, there's an ice cream place that reminds you that you passed Jukebox Junction so long ago!  Whew!  Someday soon I hope to try again to reach the town of Brevard.  It's just so hard to do!

Posted by: jessi stone | Jul 10, 2014 13:05

This is true - that's why we didn't take that route - we went up to Asheville and then down to Brevard - much quicker! The 276 route is good if you're on a motorcycle.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jul 11, 2014 09:09

             Being retired and not benefiting from any entitlement program, we almost always use 276. I have spent too much time on 40 or 26 stuck in traffic, so we take 19/23 to 151 to19 then on down, if we choose to go that way.



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