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By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Jul 23, 2014

Battle of the Charities

I don’t think of myself as a competitive person, but if I’m going to put a lot of time and energy into something, I sure don’t want to lose.

When Nikki White, president of Women of Waynesville, came by to tell me about her latest fundraising idea, it sounded like a lot of fun. I signed The Mountaineer team up to participate in this Battle of the Charities competition. Now that I’ve heard all the details, I’ve realized how much work it’s going to be, but the payoff will be well worth it.

Six businesses/organizations have signed up to form an 80s band of their choice and will compete against each other for the title of the “Best 80s Air Band.” That’s right — we will be dressing the part, acting the part and will even have real instruments, but we won’t really be singing or playing.

As Nikki pointed out the other day, this is not a talent show. It’s to raise money for a Haywood County charity. Each group also selected a charity of their choice and all the money raised through this event will go to the winning band’s charity.

The winner will be chosen based on a point system. Bands will collect points from selling tickets to the event, raising money for their charity, judges’ scores, audience applause and other challenges. Each dollar the band members raise counts as one point toward their final scores.

The competition will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 13 at HART Theater. That means we have less that two months to practice, perfect our two numbers, find costumes, raise money and pack the theater with supporters.

Since The Mountaineer office is pretty female heavy right now, we decided to perform as my favorite 80s girl rock band of all time — Heart! No one can mistake the powerhouse voice of Ann Wilson and the guitar styling of her sister Nancy Wilson.

No one can touch Ann’s voice, meaning I usually restrict my Heart tributes to the confines of my vehicle. But this will give me the chance to pay tribute without making anyone’s ears bleed. We will be performing two of Heart’s biggest hits, “Magic Man” and “Barracuda.”

Other bands will be Def Leppard, The B-52s, Run DMC and ZZ Top. You don’t want to miss seeing everyone dressing up and making fools of themselves for a good cause.

The Mountaineer team has selected Mountain Projects — Haywood Helps project to be our charity recipient if we win. This is the organization that is working to get the old Hazelwood prison converted into a halfway house, homeless shelter and community kitchen.

Currently, this project is a top six finalist to receive $50,000 in Ty Pennington and Guaranteed Rate’s Ultimate Give Back Challenge. The winning project will be selected July 29 and judges will be looking at the number of votes each project received, the community impact and the feasibility of the project.

The level of support from the community has been overwhelming and the impact would be huge. But the more money we can raise toward the project, the better chance we have at the grand prize.

While I’m determined for our band and our charity to win, this fundraiser will not produce a loser. All the bands participating have chosen a worthy Haywood County charity.

Mark your calendars now for Sept. 13 and come and enjoy a fun filled night of entertainment while also supporting local charities. I’ll be posting more information about how to purchase tickets soon.

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