Romance in the workplace: Pruetts share love and music

By Mary Ann Enloe | Feb 12, 2014

The Pruetts of east Haywood are a two-banjo home.

Grammy Award winner Marc Pruett of Haywood County's chart-topping Balsam Range and his wife Anita who was Whitewater Bluegrass Company's first banjo player, will tell you that making music together makes for a happy home.

"I can't imagine life without having someone to share the music with," said Anita. "I thank my lucky stars each day that we found each other."

Anita and Marc have made music at home for decades and appear on the same bill publicly when they can. In addition to banjo, Anita plays a mean rhythm guitar and belts out a country song with the best of them. Marc plays almost anything with strings.

"We both share the same taste in music and have similar musical backgrounds. We both grew up with this music," Anita said. "I just can't imagine being with anybody else, because no one else would understand like he does."

Anita played banjo with Buncombe County's regional favorite Whitewater Bluegrass Company for nine years and Marc was a headliner at Bill Stanley's Barbecue. When the popular eatery closed, Marc took Anita's spot with Whitewater.

"We were starting our family by then," Anita said. "I gave up performing for 20 years until the kids went off to college and now I'm back." Anita said she wouldn't rule out playing with a band again, if the right situation came up.

Marc and Anita work in close proximity in their day jobs, too. As director of Haywood County's Soil and Sediment Control department, Marc's office is in the same county building as Anita's. She works in Adult Services with the Department of Social Services.

The banjo is the cheerful backbone of bluegrass music and Marc and Anita Pruett can make the rafters ring with theirs. "Two banjo players in the house make for some interesting conversations," Anita said with a laugh. Marc and Anita Pruett make beautiful music together, whether on the stage or off.