Rules for removing an official from the Republican Party

Apr 08, 2014


The N.C. Republican Party plan of organization outlines procedures for all party activities, including those at the county level.

The plan states county executive committee members are elected for two-year terms on odd number years. This committee shall consist of a county chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, plus at least five more individuals.

The county chairman must call at least two meetings a year giving at least 10 days advance notice, or one-third of all executive committee members may call a meeting. For official action to be taken a quorum must be present, but in no case shall a quorum constitute fewer than 25 percent of the committee members.

Removing an individual from office requires a two-thirds vote.

A person facing removal from office must be furnished with the charges against him or her, and those charges must be signed by not less than 50 members or one-third of the committee, whichever is less. The person facing removal from office be given two weeks notice of the charges and an opportunity to present a defense.

Removal from office shall be confined to gross inefficiency, party disloyalty or failure to comply with the county, district or state party plans of organization.

Disloyalty is defined as actively supporting a candidate of another party or independent candidate running in opposition to a candidate of the Republican Party or supporting a Republican endorsed by the executive committee in a nonpartisan race.

Any member removed from office may appeal the decision to the state executive committee within 20 days of the decision, and the state ruling will be final.