Russ Seagle Inspires Young Professionals to Practice Open Book Management

By Haywood County Chamber of Commerce | Jul 18, 2013
Courtesy of: Haywood Chamber of Commerce Russ Seagle of Seagle Management Consulting shares a few simple principles that will help businesses pull their teams together, make better decisions, move faster, and overtake their competition with the Young Professionals of Haywood

The Haywood Chamber’s Young Professionals of Haywood (YPH) hosted a Professional Development Breakfast with Speaker Russ Seagle of Seagle Management Consulting. In his session titled “Open Book Management – Turning your business financials into a game everyone can play to win” Russ shared a few simple principles that will help businesses pull their teams together, make better decisions, move faster, and overtake their competition.

According to Seagle, "Happy people don't leave happy places. In survey after survey over the last forty years, employees have said more control over their job - not more money - is the key to keeping them motivated, engaged, and happy enough to stay."

But here's the problem: Over those forty years, management style hasn't really changed all that much. Employees today are smart, creative, and savvy. And they want the ability to call an audible every now and then.

The key to letting them do this successfully is to teach them to understand the way you keep score in your business. Chances are they know just what to do and how to do it. But do they know why? Do they understand how your business makes money? Do they fully grasp how their daily performance affects your bottom line?

Russ shared how Open Book Management was implemented in his business before he even knew there was a name for the concept. The awareness of the results oriented concept promoted continuous intentional learning, strengthening team play within the business. With every employee holding a stake in the outcome, opportunities for recognition and celebration were created and leaders within the team emerged. Russ found his business flourishing and his employees happy.

Russ is the owner of Seagle Management Consulting, a consulting firm that works with small businesses across the southeastern US to improve human performance for better bottom line results. His experience includes corporate management positions. He is a successful speaker, entrepreneur and consultant. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Russ speaks 50-60 times a year to audiences of all sizes on a variety of small business topics. In addition to his consulting and speaking, he serves as the Manager of Client Development for the Sequoyah Fund.

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