Sale to Duke LifePoint may close by July 30

Jun 19, 2014

Negotiations are still ongoing regarding the pending sale of Haywood Regional Medical Center to Duke LifePoint, a private, forprofit medical care provider based in Nashville, Tenn.

The topic was the subject of a closed meeting held Tuesday by the Haywood Regional Medical Center Board of Commissioners.

The company is negotiating a separate contract to purchase the other portions of MedWest in Jackson and Swain counties, private, non-for-profit groups.

The MedWest-Haywood agreement will be made public because it is a public nonprofit organization, and there will be be another public meeting before the expected July sale is approved.

The N.C. Attorney General will need to sign off on the agreement for the MedWest-Harris and MedWest-Swain properties. This agreement will not be made public.

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