Sally the horse arrives at STAR Ranch

Sep 02, 2014

A 10-year old paint, quarter horse mare arrived at STAR Ranch Saturday, Aug. 16, looking for refuge and a haven of help.  Sally is horse No. 70 to come to STAR in its seven years of operation in Haywood County.  STAR is currently home to nine horses, with eight in foster care, as well as six donkeys and six goats who enjoy the hoofed animal sanctuary.

Sally has many issues to be resolved, only one of which is severe malnutrition. On a body score of 1 to 10, she is a 2. Sally drags her back right hind leg due to a bilateral upward fixation of the patella, or knee caps not working properly.  She had surgery for this at the University of Georgia when she was just two.  Her back right leg still  “sticks” or “catches” when she walks.  She may be headed for more surgery when she is able to tolerate it.

Sally also has scratches on all four hooves, a condition resulting from standing in too much mud and water.  There are mud marks up about 12 inches on all four legs. White line disease in the hoof is another issue she is battling.

A fecal exam will show the type of worm infestation and count so the proper worming meds can be given.  These are the least expensive of her medications and can be obtained at Tractor Supply once it is determined which ones will be the most effective.

Sally also has extreme rain rot on her back that can be treated topically, but she will also start on an antibiotic regime of SMZ’s due to its severity.  She was brushed the day she arrived and a lot of dead hair removed.  A bath awaits her when the sun is warm on her back and she has adjusted to the big changes in her life.

“Sally needs some sponsors to help with her care,” said Karen Owens, president of STAR Ranch.  “Anyone who can send a monthly donation, or even a one-time gift, will help cover the costs of her upcoming battle to survive.”

If all goes well, Sally will have a beautiful black, brown and white coat.  She already has a beautiful tail.  Her old halter is in the trash and she is free roaming and loving the grass.

Sally found a new friend in Mylee and has been well accepted by the few horses around her.  They seem to know she needs the companionship and support of a herd.

Donations usually go to help all the horses at the ranch, but in this case, STAR is setting aside donations just for Sally.  The alfalfa she needs is $20 a square bale at Junaluska Feed Center; the Purina Equine Senior is $20 a bag; and mazola corn oil is $10 at Ingles.

Visit and follow the daily updates on Facebook.  Call 400-4940 to visit in person.  D

onations can be sent to 970 Rabbit Skin Road, Waynesville, NC, 28785, or via Paypal on the website.  Tax deductible donations can also be made at the Junaluska Feed Center on old Clyde Road.

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