Sarge Photo Display at Haywood County Library

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation | Apr 01, 2013
Photo by: Donated This is the general information section of the Volpe's display.  See gallery for more photos

By Pam Mann

Sarge's volunteers Bee and Joe Volpe have organized the two large glass display cases on the first floor of the Haywood County library to promote Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

“We chose the March/April timeframe to coincide with Sarge’s seventh Annual Pet Photo contest,” said Bee Volpe.

“However, that’s not the only reason for the display,” Bee said.  “We also want to highlight the ways the community can get involved with helping Sarge’s rescue dogs and cats from the Haywood County animal control facility. “

One display has general information regarding Sarge’s many volunteer opportunities and advice about the importance of getting our own pets spayed/neutered. Haywood Spay/Neuter is an excellent source for this information and they can be contacted by calling 452-1329.

“Spay/neuter is a huge step in reducing the number of unwanted animals that need to be saved in the County and Haywood Spa/Neuter often has special deals.”

The other display showcases many photos entered into Sarge’s previous annual pet photo contests.  This year’s awards ceremony will be April 13 at Bocelli’s Italian Eatery.  After that, Joe and Bee will add this year’s winners in the display.

“Since the display is on the same floor as the children’s section, we get a lot of feedback," said Joe. "While looking at the photos, many of the kids will talk about their pets and tell us stories about them."

“We hope everyone will visit the library to see the informative and entertaining displays that Bee and Joe put together for Sarge’s,” said Gary Smith, President of Sarge’s Board of Directors.  “The library is a quick trip from anyplace in the Waynesville area. Even if people are not checking out a book or magazine, we invite them to stop by to check out the display.”

"The library staff has been very supportive of this project," Bee said. "Patri Woods, who is in charge of the downstairs display cases, made up an 'I Spy' to go with the pictures. It's fun to search the pictures to find all the things on the list."

Volpe also coordinates Sarge’s eBay account.  People may bring items into the Adoption Center at 256 Industrial Park Dr., in Waynesville.  Bee will pick up the items, put them up for bid on eBay and mail them to the buyers.

“Some of the best sellers are Tupperware and clothes and shoes that are in good condition, she said. " However, we will accept any items that are donated. The response has been great and we’ve had eBay buyers from Australia, Brazil, France and Russia.  If the items don’t sell on eBay,they will be sold at our yard sales or other local venues.”

Bee will be conducting a book/media sale at the Adoption Center  Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. There will be yard sale with date to be announced for probably early in the summer.

“There are so many ways to get involved with rescue.  Sarge’s always needs volunteers and foster families, but the volunteering can be as simple as donating items for resale,” said Bee.

For information regarding Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation, visit or call 246-9050.