Sarge's Places 627 Pets in Loving Homes in 2012

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation | Jan 01, 2013
Photo by: Michael Ritter "Happiness is a warm puppy, " said Charles Schulz

"Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras

By Jean Larsen

Now that 2012 has drawn to a close, Sarge's is happy to report its final adoption numbers.   2012 has been a banner year for Sarge's.  There were 233 cat adoptions (a 19% increase over 2011) and 394 dog adoptions (a whopping 39% increase over 2011).  The grand total for 2012 is 627 animals' adopted from Sarge's.  Sarge's also transported 292 pets to no kill shelters in New Jersey and Connecticut for adoption.

Sarge's success is not just in numbers, however.  It is a story of lives made better by love shared between families and pets. One such adoption took place at PetSmart on December 15th.  The Smith family came in to see what pets were available for adoption.  Jessica, the daughter, fell in love with a puppy named Badger, but the family left to "think about it". An hour or so later, the father returned alone and adopted Badger as a Christmas surprise for his daughter. Badger's foster parent, Christy Swanton, agreed to keep him until closer to Christmas day. Swanton and Smith put their heads together and decided to spring the surprise at Mast General where Sarge's volunteers were wrapping Christmas presents.  As orchestrated, the Smith family converged on Mast General and saw Badger and his two sibling puppies.  Jessica reached into the crate and brought Badger out.  Smith asked Swanton if Badger was still available for adoption.  Swanton told him "no".  Smith then asked who adopted Badger and Swanton replied, "Jessica Smith".  Jessica got that "deer in the headlights" look on her face as she attempted to make sense of what she had just heard.  She broke into tears and said to her dad, "REALLY?"  It was quite a show at Mast General and involved all of the onlookers in this heartwarming event.  Each adoption and animal saved from euthanasia is a unique and special story for every family who takes in and loves a warm and cuddly pet.

Gary Smith, Sarge's President, said, "A big thanks from Sarge's board and staff to the dog and cat adoption teams plus all the volunteers and Sarge's donors who support Sarge's mission.

Call Sarge's today to join a volunteer team or donate towards this important endeavor.  You can reach Sarge's at:  246-9050.  For those who wish to adopt, photos of dogs and cats available for adoption can be found on our web page,



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