Saturday Bethel service set for Connecticut tragedy victims

By Vicki Hyatt | Dec 15, 2012

A 3 p.m. Saturday service at the Bethel Event Center to pray for the victim families and all associated tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, where 28 lost their lives at an elementary school.

Kathleen Rathbone is organizing the  service.

"As I was coming home from Asheville yesterday and hearing all about the tragedy, the Lord laid it on my heart to do this,"  she said. "I'm just upset about everything, and also heavy on my heart are the rescue workers."

Rathbone said the Revs. Kim Milner, Chris Estep and Danny Long will be at the large wooden cross at 6149 Pigeon Road in the Bethel community.

The large wooden cross, which is highly visible along the roadway, has become a place where many stop and pray, Rathbone said, and that's exactly what will happen Saturday.

"We just want to join our hearts and minds for those families. This tragedy has affected everybody. We're just going to pray."