Saving a box of puppies

Dec 13, 2012
Photo by: Donated photo PEOPLE CARE — The seven pups enjoyed a happy ending to the story, thanks to the good work of animal activists in Haywood County and beyond

Seven puppies were the survivors of a dog left behind, when her family moved away. A compassionate neighbor fed the mostly boxer dog, only to discover she was pregnant.  She put her in the dog lot and tried to help.

But, six weeks ago, the temperature dropped below freezing and the runt didn’t make it. Coyotes were circling.

She called Ashley, a woman she knew was connected to STAR Ranch volunteers.  The pups were in real jeopardy.

“One person.  That’s all it takes,” said Karen Owens, president of STAR Ranch, “to start the ball rolling.”

Ashley brought the cold pups to Owens, who created a warm, safe spot for them in the ‘cat room’ of the STAR barn, where they were safe for the night. FUR (feline urgent rescue) of WNC moved cats and donated their space for the pups.

“The first thing was to get them out of the cold, then figure out what to do.” said Owens.

That’s where Sarge’s came in.  The following Monday, the seven playful pups, now de-wormed and eating food for the first time, went into a Sarge’s foster home.  In two days they had their veterinarian checks to be sure they were healthy.

Wednesday they traveled to a sanctuary in New England, CSA, (Common Sense for Animals), to find them loving homes.

“In less than a week, this potential tragedy became a Merry Christmas present for all of us,” said Debi Slater of Sarge’s.

“I think it is important for residents to know how wonderfully the rescue groups in Haywood County work together,” said Owens. “These seven pups went from freezing to death, to a happy ending thanks to FUR, STAR, Sarge’s, CSA and one person, Ashley.  If the pups had stayed in Haywood County, Haywood Spay/Neuter would have stepped in when they were old enough to be ‘fixed’.  As it is, the mother boxer will be scheduled through HAWA spay/neuter to be spayed when she gains a little weight, so she never again has to watch one of her puppies freeze to death and be chased by coyotes.  The wonderful neighbor who helped this boxer mom is keeping her.  Mama gets a good home, too.”

All in all, these pups have one person to thank.

“It takes just one person to make a difference,” said Owens. “If you see something, say something.”

Follow all the groups on Facebook or visit their websites to see how to can help all the groups, each doing what they do best  — together. Visit or call 400-4940.

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