School year may be extended

Feb 04, 2014

With a total of seven days of missed school in January, the Haywood County Schools' plan for inclement weather has been adjusted.

The original Haywood County calendar contained six teacher workdays that were saved for weather make up. One additional mandatory teacher workday was saved for report cards and other required documentation. This workday is after the last student day due to new state testing regulations.

Haywood County Schools’ averages just over eight missed student days each year due to inclement weather, and so far have missed seven days this school year, mostly because of abnormally low temperatures.

The school system made a list of adjustments to accommodate for inclement weather, which include using a saved teacher work day on Jan. 3, using another saved teacher work day on Jan. 6, using a third teacher work day on Jan. 7, followed by moving the floating teacher work day between semesters from Jan. 15 to Jan. 21.

Missed school on Jan. 22 was made up at Saturday school on Jan. 25. On Jan. 28 school was dismissed after buses ran, and therefore is not required for make up. On Jan. 29, the schools used the floating workday that was scheduled for March 5. On Jan. 30, the school system used a floating workday that was scheduled for March 27. On Jan. 31, the school system used a saved teacher workday.

Even though many days have been missed already, there are several make up opportunities still available for the 2013-14 school year. Currently, two saved teacher workdays are still available for use, in addition to Saturday school make up days.

It is still an option to extend the school calendar a week longer, adding June 16-20 to the school year, a school memo indicated. The Memorial Day holiday on May 26 may also be used for a makeup day, as well as spring break on April 21-25.

There is also a mandatory floating workday that is after the last student day that could serve as a makeup day as well. Currently, the last student day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 10.