Schumachers embark on their next journey in life

By Jonathan Key | Oct 15, 2013

The lord giveth…

And the lord taketh away.

It has been a pleasure, and a relief, having Jeff Schumacher on the staff this past year but, just like the seasons come to an end, the time has come for him to leave.

Jeff has been offered a job close to where he grew up, and with aging parents, he feels a need to be  closer to home. I agree. I lost my dad a few years back and my mother is not getting any younger, so any time I spend with her is precious.

Although Jeff came back, after his mis-adventures in Fayetteville, with a need to rehabilitate and give his family some peace, he also brought to us his enthusiasm and energy at a time that we needed it.

Apparently, we have accomplished all he was sent here for and now it is time for him to once again spread his wings and fly.

We are not privy to God’s plan or His timing but we trust as we pray, that God leads us where He needs us. Before Jeff came back, our plans were for him to be here a lot longer; to get his kids through high school and grow this business for a greater purpose. I guess that is what happens when we forget who is really in control. However, I am thankful to have been blessed with Jeff for the past year. A little bit of Schumacher goes a long way and Jeff has been instrumental in helping us more effectively reach out to this community.

His family will be staying with us through the end of the school year and then joining him in North Dakota so, to them, we have plenty of time to say goodbye. Jeff will be leaving before the holidays.

My hope is that the community will not notice a difference after Jeff leaves, as a testament to how little work he did around here anyway, (just kidding) but his wit and wisdom will be missed.

Our prayer is for God’s hand to be on the Schumachers and that they be blessed by this new chapter in their life and that the paper where Jeff is going will be a blessing to its community like we strive to be here. The prodigal son is returning home, and I’m sure his parents are thrilled.

For us at The Mountaineer, a chapter is ending so we’ll turn the page. There is always another chapter waiting for us to write. We will continue on our journey and look forward to the adventures along the way. We are proud to play a part in blessing this community as Haywood County’s community newspaper and thankful to the Schumachers for joining the ride.