Science Fair Results from Tuscola High School

By Jim Davis | Feb 14, 2013

Can I make a catapult?  How much radiation does my cell phone emit?  Where can I find the best quality water?  Does aluminum foil effectively conduct electricity?

These are a few of the questions answered at the 2013 Tuscola Science Fair.  The fair competitors were all members of the Advanced Chemistry II classes taught by Mr. Jim Davis.  Fair projects were displayed on January 29 and 30 in the school’s media center.  While all students were recognized for the outstanding achievement of completing their research project, awards were presented to the top projects in 6 categories:  Chemistry, Physics, Biological Science A & B, Earth Environmental, and Technology/Engineering.

Brooke Palay won the Most Outstanding Project award for her project, titled "Don’t Ruin My Image".  The projects were judged by a team of Haywood County scientists and local professionals. The judging team consisted of Matthew Fender (Chair of Chemistry & Physics-Asheville Buncombe Technical College), Bob Morris (Blue Ridge Glass & Haywood County School Board Member), Bill Teague (Retired Superintendent of Mountain Research Station), Charles Marth (Western Carolina Chemistry Professor), Taylor Pryor (Endocrinology Lab Technologist), Mark Ethridge (Retired Science Teacher), Joel Bostic (Western Carolina Science Education Student),  Jonathan Key (Waynesville Mountaineer), Ann Barrett (Lifespan and  Former Haywood County School Board Member), and Jenny Wood (Haywood County Schools Foundation Executive Director).


Award winners were for Chemistry: 1st place (Elizabeth Roknich), 2nd place (Morgan Swift), 3rd place (Lindsay Barth); Physics: 1st place (Brooke Palay), 2nd place (Jake Davis), 3rd place (Ashley Riley); for Biological Sciences A: 1st place (Carrie Ann DeBrew), 2nd place (Caitlin Hines), 3rd place (Mikaela Messer); Biological Sciences B: 1st place (Katy Stringfield), 2nd place (Kayla Campbell), 3rd place (Abby Coulter); Earth/Environmental Science:  1st place (Allie Dinwiddie), 2nd place (Sydney Morris), 3rd place (Britain Javens); Technology/Engineering:  1st place (Taryn Thompson), 2nd place (Wes Mull), 3rd place (Allison Owen).