Rec Center announces 'Senior and Fit' graduates

By Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department | Apr 04, 2014

The Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department recently had seven people complete the training and graduate from the "Senior and Fit" training program. This was a 12-week program that began in January.

Participants graduate knowing how to properly train using free weights, cardio and weight machines. Each person learns how and when to breathe. Perhaps the biggest benefit is accepting their particular needs and learning how to train with that in mind. In addition, a lot of information about nutrition is covered as well.
"It really helped me with walking and my blood pressure," Louise Gaddy said. "My muscles are stronger and I enjoyed the fellowship with others. Tim and his staff are great with how they work with each other to make sure we are doing things the right way."
"The class is very easy to understand and enjoyable," David Erikson said. "As of this morning, I am down 10 pounds in three months on top of the previous 22 pounds for a total loss of 32 pounds ... and loving it!"
"Senior and Fit" was designed and taught by certified trainer Tim Plowman. The next program will be offered in January 2015.
For more information, call the Waynesville Recreation Center at 456-2030 or email