Senior Wellness Month highlights the importance of care for aging pets

Sep 23, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo The staff at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville is taking steps to promote proper health care for aging pets by offering senior wellness packages.

Good health is essential for a healthy, happy and long life. As pets age, it is important to take the steps necessary to allow them to age with grace and comfort. Whether it be regularly scheduled walks, a proper diet or routine veterinary examinations — it is no secret that making the “golden years” healthy and happy is essential to a pet's overall well being.

“Our pets are living longer than ever, due in large part to better nutrition, improved dental care, parasite control and proper vaccinations," said Dr. Kristen Hammett. “But our older pets are prone to different issues than they were when they were younger. It is important to establish a 'normal' baseline for a pet and monitor this periodically as they grow older."

As pets enter their senior years (7 years and older), they become increasingly vulnerable to many diseases. Health problems related to advancing age are similar to those of humans, and commonly include heart, liver or kidney disease, thyroid and dental problems, digestive disorders, arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

“Regular bloodwork, parasite testing and urine tests help us catch subtle changes that may otherwise go unrecognized," Hammett said. "Often we can alter diets or catch diseases in an early stage that makes them more easily treated.”

To further shed light on the importance of proper health care for aging pets, September is national Senior Pet Wellness Month. In recognition of Senior Wellness Month, the Animal Hospital of Waynesville, located at 91 Depot St. in Waynesville, is offering two senior wellness packages to meet the needs of their aging pet clientele.

Continuing through Tuesday, Oct.15, the practice will be offer a wellness comprehensive and a wellness complete program for both canines and felines at a special price.

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