Separate Eggs Yolks with an Empty Water Bottle

By Gary Arrington | Dec 20, 2012
Source: stock.excng

Let me confess up front that I've never personally faced the challenge of separating egg yolks. And I'll also confess that it doesn't seem to be a terribly difficult task to do just using the eggshell-to-eggshell method - but a bit messy. I recently came across a method using an empty water bottle that just made me appreciate someone's creativity in solving a common problem. This trick is just too cool not to try!

Here's how it works. Break and egg (or eggs) into a bowl. Using a clean, empty water bottle, squeeze the sides of the bottle and, while holding it in that position, touch the mouth of the bottle to the egg yolk. Release the sides of the bottle and, wow - the yolk gets sucked right up into the bottle, leaving the egg white in the bowl and absolutely nothing on your hands.

Mr. Wizard would be so proud!  Below is a video demonstrating the technique.


Separating 5 Egg Yolks with a Water Bottle
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