Sept. 16 letters

Sep 13, 2013

Delaware has set many milestones

To the editor:

What is the issue lately with The Mountaineer attempting to put down, criticize and generally castigate people.

The latest example of what I would consider a gaffe was made by your Jessi Stone stating, in effect, that nobody in their right mind would live in Delaware.

On what does she base this absurd statement?  Has she never left North Carolina?    Some of the many interesting facts I’ve just gleaned from World Book Encyclopedia about the great state of Delaware follow:

Christmas Seals were first introduced to the United States by a Delaware artist, Emily Bissell, who designed the seals and organized a local tuberculosis fund drive.  The idea came from a similar fund-raising campaign first used in Denmark.

Log cabins were first introduced to North America in 1638 by Swedish immigrants who settled in southern Delaware.  Log construction was an established practice in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

Rehoboth Beach held the first beauty contest in the U.S. in 1880.  Thomas Edison was one of the three judges.  The title of “Miss United States” became the forerunner of today’s Miss America pageant.

Delaware became the first state to ratify the constitution.

Some 175,000 companies are incorporated in Delaware because of their business laws favoring corporations.  It’s easier and less expensive to incorporate there than most other states.

There is beautiful architecture in the state, a beautiful coastline and gorgeous farmland.  Delaware has a rich history.  It’s one of the states we’ve not lived in, and it sure sounds attractive right about now.

Sarah Sherman



Editor’s note: Jessi said she was echoing what her sister, who lives in Delaware, said about the state. She’s looking forward to the trip and learning about the area first-hand.

Many thanks to Balsam Spa

To the editor:

I attended the KARE Festival of Trees last year and was lucky enough to be the highest bidder on one of the silent auction items.

Balsam Spa at the Waynesville Inn generously donated a gift certificate for their Balsam Range Package, a $250 value.

I recently had the opportunity to cash in that gift certificate and what a wonderful experience it was.   I had some great conversation and laughs with Samantha while she was doing my mani/pedi, while I enjoyed a glass of champagne and chocolate truffle looking out at the beautiful golf course and mountain views.

Then, the massage by Amanda and facial by Grace were both absolutely extraordinary.   I left feeling spoiled, pampered and completely rejuvenated.

Thanks so much to everyone at the Spa for their generous donation and excellent customer service.

Tracey Magdeburg

Maggie Valley

Way will be missed

To the editor:

The scripture tells us that our loss is heaven’s gain. When God takes a person such as Charlie Way, this is certainly true.

I pray the Way family can somehow find peace and comfort in the time of thier grief. When God took Charlie, He took the very best of the best. He will be missed.

Wanda M. Sutton