Sexual assault case nets 25 years

By DeeAnna Haney | Apr 30, 2014
David Bidou

A Canton man pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his stepson during Superior Court this week, landing him in prison for the next 25 years.

David Wallace Bidou was charged with 27 felonies after his 18-year-old stepson came forward about the abuse last year. According to facts laid out by Assistant District Attorney Rachael Groffsky, Bidou had been abusing the boy from the age of 5 while living in Florida until he was 13 and living in Haywood County.

The victim told authorities the sexual abuse occurred on a weekly basis between 2005 and 2008 and Bidou threatened that he would get in trouble if he told anyone.

The abuse ended when the victim began to go through puberty, Groffsky said.

After the victim came forward, Bidou confessed to the crime and confirmed all the teen had told police.

"My client would ask me on his behalf to apologize to the children here for the obvious harm that has been done," said his lawyer, Michael Fox.

Fox pointed out that Bidou had cooperated with law enforcement from the beginning, accepted responsibility for his actions and wrote an apology letter.

"I can say in the nearly six months I have known David that he has been frank and candid with me, and he wishes to accept responsibility for what he has done and is ready to pay his debt to society," Fox said.

He requested Superior Court Judge Bradley Letts to allow his client to participate in any treatment programs available while Bidou is in custody.

"It's his intent to take advantage and do anything he can do to work his time down and get this all behind him," Fox said.

Bidou pleaded guilty to four counts of first-degree sexual offense by an adult offender on a child. Pursuant to the plea, the state dismissed nine counts each of indecent liberties with a child and sexual activity by a substitute parent.

Letts sentenced Bidou to the mandatory minimum of 300 months (25 years) in prison with a maximum of 420 months. He received 170 days credit for pre-trial confinement and was approved for work release, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment and sex offender treatment while in custody.

He was ordered to have no contact with the victim when released from prison and he is required to register as a sex offender and be under satellite-based monitoring for life.

After Bidou was escorted out of the courtroom to begin his sentence, Letts took a moment to address the victim and his family.

"I want to make something very clear to you — you didn't do anything wrong, do you understand?" Letts said. "Quite the contrary. You showed immense character and courage in what you did. In my 19 years in court and 14 years as a judge, you are one of the bravest and most courageous individuals I have ever met."