Sheriff's Office warns against local scams

By DeeAnna Haney | Jan 28, 2014

The Haywood County Sheriff's Office continues to receive reports regarding two common recent scams.

Several Haywood residents have been targeted in a new phone scam where the caller claims to represent the "Haywood County Narcotics Enforcement Agency." However, no such agency exists, warned Sheriff Greg Christopher.

"Local law enforcement does not solicit funds for day-to-day operations — your tax dollars pay for that," he said.

If a person calls claiming to be with this fake agency, do not give them money or any personal or financial information.

In another local scam, criminals are promising to do yard work, construction or other handy-man tasks for a small fee. However, the person takes the money and never completes the work.

"Please don't give money to someone whose work history you don't know," Christopher said. "There are plenty of licensed, honest contract workers in Haywood County who are worthy of your business and will not demand full payment before the work is completed."

Anyone who believes they are being victimized by a scam should call the Haywood County Sheriff's Office at 828-452-6666 or your local police department.