Silver Bluff employees complete weight loss program

By Silver Bluff Village | Dec 19, 2011

Silver Bluff Village has developed a number of programs and incentives to promote employee wellness through the years.  The most recent initiative, which began in September, was a “competitive” weight loss program that involved 44 employees in 11 teams of four over a 13 week period.  The winning team, The Calendar Girls, lost a total of 72.5 pounds during the competition. The total weight loss of the entire group was 412.5 pounds.  The employees paid $40 dollars each to participate, which was used as prize money for the winners (more than $400 going to each team member).  Plans are  in place to begin a second competition in January.

Other wellness programs for Silver Bluff employees include an annual smoking cessation bonuses, annual weight loss bonuses, MedWest fitness center membership discounts and on-site Weight Watcher programs.