Sir Lamps-A-Lot Creations comes to Creative Endeavors Craft Show

Aug 05, 2014

Kenneth Lambert is known in his family as Sir Lamps-A-Lot.

His granddaughter came up with the name when Ken began making beautiful custom made table lamps. This talented craftsman will be showing his art at the Aug. 8 and 9 Junaluska Woman’s Club Creative Endeavors Craft Show at Lake Junaluska.

The lamp making all started when his wife Gwen and her daughter Kathleen, excellent decorators, found ideas in magazines and said, “Kenneth, couldn’t you make this?”

The first item he made was cups and saucers on a copper pipe to be placed outside as garden décor.  Hundreds have been made with more coming regularly.  Some are filled with birdseed, others with water, and others are simply placed as color dots in front of green foliage.

One day Kathleen observed cups and saucers stacked together as the base of table lamps and asked Kenneth if he could make something like that. Well, more than 100 such cup-and-saucer lamps have now emerged from his garage workshop.  Later, Gwen spied a snowman cookie jar and asked the same question. A few dozen cookie jars have now been converted into table lamps, cream pitchers, tea pots and various ceramic pieces.

Ken’s lamps inspired others as folks thought, “Perhaps I could have a lamp made from those cups Grandmother painted 50 years ago that are hidden away in the storeroom.  I don’t use them; I don’t want to throw them away; they would make a unique lamp showing my family heritage.”  So Ken started creating custom lamps made by special order.

Come to the Creative Endeavors Craft Show and Sale to buy a one-of-a-kind table lamp or get the inspiration for a lamp made from your own treasurers.  Or contact Sir Lamps-A-Lot directly at 456-4523. This is just one of the unique booths for regional craftsman on display Aug. 8 and 9 in Harrell Center Auditorium at Lake Junaluska.