Snakes were Alive at the Haywood County Public Library on July 14

By Max Maier | Jul 18, 2012
Photo by: Max Maier The Haywood County Public Library in Waynesville was a popular place for kids and snakes last weekend.

Want your kids to get excited about going to the library? Let some snakes slither in and wow them.

The Haywood County Public Library did just that with its two Snakes Alive! shows last weekend. Ron Cromer, a certified herpetologist, (a specialist in the study of reptiles) drew record crowds to the presentations.

The many different reptiles brought shock and awe to the faces of those attending. There were audible "ooohs" and "awes" as different reptiles were brought out, and when they got to hold the snakes, giggles and laughs abounded.

The show is geared to teach children about snakes and a little bit around lizards. Cromer talked about the different designs on snakes' skin and their roles in the world’s ecosystem.

Most of the show though, was Cromer bringing out his pet snakes and lizards. There was even a portion of the show where the kids got to pet and hold almost all of them. Animals like Tarzan the iguana, Franklin the box turtle and Rosie the python helped Cromer deliver a show the kids loved.

When Rosie was brought out, there were many shocked faces and shouts of "cool!" and "she's huge!"

Snakes Alive! is a full-time job for Cromer, and has been doing it for about 30 years. Before that, he had worked around the United States at zoos in New Orleans and San Antonio. He averages around four shows a week as he travels the Carolinas and the Virginias.

“My motivation for these shows is to help people understand more about snakes,” said Cromer. “I help people overcome their fear of snakes, learn more about them and show them how important they are to our ecosystem.”

Cromer has no plans for retiring from his passion. “This show is so much fun. As long as I am healthy, I will keep doing it.”

For more information or to schedule a show, contact Cromer at 336-476-5490