Snow covers Haywood

By Vicki Hyatt | Jan 07, 2017

All Haywood County residents woke up to snow accumulation through the night, with some areas receiving up to 7 inches.

Haywood County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lindsay Regner reported only minor incidents so far in the storm and Trooper Erica Bass with the N.C. Highway Patrol reported only one accident in the county during her morning shift Saturday. Bass said the right hand lane of Interstate 40 was clear, but the passing lane was still snow covered.

Ken Thomas, HEMC spokesman, said the dry snow and lack of wind in Haywood County had only lead to nine households being temporarily without power in the county. Transylvania County, which is also part of the cooperative’s service area, wasn’t so lucky, however. He said there were 750 people in Sapphire Valley out of power for two and a half hours as a main feeder fine was repaired. As of 9:30 a.m. there were still 174 people without power in Translyvania and 75 in Jackson County, with crews on the job to restore service.

He said across Haywood, there appeared to be an average snowfall of about 7 inches, with higher elevation areas receiving the most.

The N.C. Department of Transportation travel and information website reports that all roads in Haywood County, including Interstate 40, is covered with snow and ice.

The control center spokesperson for the N.C. Highway Patrol said troopers have responded to multiple accidents throughout the region. He urged area residents to stay home and enjoy the snow.

The following county services are being altered due to the weather conditions.

The Haywood County Landfill is closed. As weather conditions improve and snow removal crews complete cleanup efforts and the convenience centers will try to open.

Haywood County Animal Services will be operating Saturday, however the shelter will be closed to the public for adoptions due to the inclement weather conditions.

The Haywood County Libraries will be also be closed Saturday.